Why invest in employer branding?

January 10 2020

Why invest in employer branding?

Employer branding, also called employer brand building, is currently one of the most popular trends in companies’ internal and external communication. Why is it worthwhile? Here are the top 6 reasons.

Viral marketing

The HRM Institute report “2018 Employer Branding in Poland” indicates that an increasing number of companies attach importance to the employer’s image, as 70% of the candidates do not wish to work at a place with bad reputation. According to the Aon Hewitt studies, the IT industry is the most committed to image building. How is this possible? As many as 71% of the employees talk a lot and well about their company and recommend it to others. This is the best kind of viral marketing.

More extensive choice

Properly conducted employer branding results in more applications in the recruitment process. What is more, the applying candidates often have higher 5 best project management appscompetencies. This allows for a more extensive candidate pool to choose from. Then again having no brand communication results in longer and more costly employee search.

The way we talk about our company, how we create it, is very important. But the most important thing is to be honest and genuine in all of this. A brand image cannot be artificial. If we offer our employees a transparent career path, social benefits and training budget – we have to deliver on these promises. Otherwise employer branding will not work,’ says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

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As many as 73% of the people check opinions about an employer on the Internet. Negative comments have an adverse impact on the entire process. Terms of employment and remuneration are the most important matters for the candidates, although other benefits, such as open communication, clear company goals and a well-integrated team, should also be taken into consideration as important.

Well-integrated team

A brand that invests its resources in communication is recognizable and usually gets more coverage. As a result, future employees know it very well. When the recruitment process starts, the applicants … fit in well with the team. The candidates identify themselves with the company’s mission and vision, share the same goals or ideals and want to work for it. Transparent and emotional brand communication pays off, as it results in the company acquiring people that are a perfect fit for the team.

Loyal employees

Companies that pursue an employer branding strategy have lesser employee turnover. As many as 75% of employers admit that EB activities result in an increase in employee commitment and satisfaction. By ensuring good working conditions, you prevent your employees from getting tempted by competitive offers. When the brand is perceived well by the former, current and future employees, it acquires the best ambassadors.

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Better results

Employee satisfaction translates into effectiveness. People who like what they do are more productive at work, smile more often and approach their duties with a positive attitude. This allows them to establish friendly relations with their customers. A high company culture affects consumer satisfaction and makes sales performance rocket sky-high.

Strong position

A brand that invests in employer branding gains a strong market position. It attracts better qualified candidates and retains them for a longer period of time. Increasing popularity translates into higher profits. This constitutes the best proof that employer branding simply pays off.

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