5 best project management apps

By May 20, 2019 Business


There are different kinds of projects. Local or international projects or the ones that involve a small team or dozens of specialists scattered around the world. Projects differ in their specificity and types of tasks. Luckily enough, they are similar when it comes to implementation. Thus, the team-work management can be done with the use of one of the popular apps.

A teamwork management software should be intuitive and free from several hours-long training. It makes it even better when it’s free and available both on PC and smartphones. However, it’s most important for it to be reliable so that no connection issues can disrupt a teamwork. We have chosen 5 the most recommended projects management apps. Check out all of them and pick your favorite.

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An intuitive and user-friendly app for self and team-work management. Thanks to its simple operation and possibility to personalize boards, Trello is one of the most recommended work management apps. Its free version allows to create teams, project boards (since May 2019, the number of boards is limited to 10) and to-do lists. Trello also allows to comment, set reminders, upload files from PC, Dropbox or One Drive. The app can be expanded by more advanced functions such as calendar, surveys or task groups. Trello is great when it comes to creative work as it allows for a team to add a number of ideas and inspirations to a project.


This app is based on the Getting Things Done methodology, which means organizing one’s work based on collecting tasks and managing to-do lists and projects. The basis of Nozbe is an icons bar, a sidebar, a tasks view, tasks details and an information bar. A person responsible for a given project can be assigned to it and a time needed for completing the task along with its priority can be set. The app is synced with Google Calendar, Evernote, Dropbox and Google Disc. It is characterized by a simple, minimalistic style and is quite intuitive.


This app looks rather raw but is really advanced. It has a well thought-out communication model, allows to gather files and follow projects’ progression. On top of that, a user can set a work schedule divided into tasks and sub-tasks which are assigned to certain persons. Asana also allows to hold group chats. It is integrated with Slack, Dropbox, One Drive and Google. Shout out to a search engine which allows to quickly find the files we need.

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Slack allows to organize a team’s work in dedicated communication channels. You can search through conversations archive and therefore many companies use it instead of an email client. Naturally, a team can share links and files. Slack is integrated with Google Drive, Trello and many others.


Evernote is often called a notepad. Its purpose is storing information and data in the form of notes that can be further organized into collections. Why is it so popular? Evernote allows to create voice notes, take photos of fragments of books, make and save screenshots, make to-do lists and set reminders and make comments. Information can be searched through and synced on all devices. A great tool for creative work and brainstorming.

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