How to work in a more eco-friendly manner?

January 17 2020

How to work in a more eco-friendly manner?

According to Natural Marketing Institute research, over a half of consumers choose products and services of companies who are involved in ecological and social programs. What is more, they are willing to pay even 20% more. What does it mean? Being eco-friendly does not only help the environment but also improve the brand image. How to work in a more eco-friendly manner? We have some simple advice for you.

Small change – big effect

Renting a desk at a coworking space means you are sharing office equipment (printer, shredder). This way you help protect the environment. But that’s not all – remember about small everyday habits that you may change to be more eco-friendly.

Do you issue invoices? Don’t print them. Start issuing e-invoices. Don’t waste paper. The same goes for scanning documents instead of printing them. If you really need to print something, go for two-sided printing. Make notes on sheets that will not be used anymore.

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Deliver recyclable used office materials to companies who collect those. Don’t throw away batteries, rechargeable batteries or printer toners. You can return your old equipment at the store where you buy a new device. When your pen runs out, don’t throw it away, but use a refill. Such simple habits are really important!

Turn off the light

Remember to turn off the lights you don’t need at your workplace. It is always better to work with natural than artificial light. This way you’re taking care of your eyes and saving electricity. When you finish work, don’t leave chargers in sockets. It only generates unnecessary electricity and increases the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Use a dishwasher

According to the UN, WWF and Central Statistical Office, the average Pole uses approximately 150 liters of water per day. You spend most of your day at work. Have you ever wondered how much water you waste on everyday activities at the office (doing the washing-up, rinsing fruit, using the toilet). You can save water by using a dishwasher. But remember:

  • only start the dishwasher when it’s full
  • don’t rinse dishes before putting them into the dishwasher, scrape food waste and throw it away into the bin
  • check if the dishes are correctly placed and if all will be washed
  • set a water-saving program

Segregate waste

Don’t forget to segregate waste at work. Put the following into separate containers:

  • paper (don’t throw away greasy paper, sturdy cardboard and paper coated with plastic)
  • glass (colored glass and white glass)
  • metals (don’t throw away aerosol containers or batteries)
  • plastics (don’t throw away grease or oil bottles, food containers)

Pay attention to your co-workers as well. If one person segregates waste, but others don’t, it is pointless. Not comfortable with telling others that they should do it? Print out eco-stickers to remind them about waste segregation and compressing packagings.

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‘An eco-friendly approach not only helps the environment, but also creates better atmosphere at work. Eco-friendly cleaning products used e.g. at Solutions.Rent don’t contain toxic chemicals and don’t negatively affect the health of our tenants’ adds Marta Kamińska.

Use common sense when ordering food

If you order food to work, think if you could cook it on your own at home. It is cost-effective and – if you use reusable food containers – eco-friendly. Don’t want to waste time on cooking? Check what type of containers your suppliers use to deliver your food. Are those made of plastic? Perhaps there is another supplier who takes care of the environment and uses biodegradable containers?

Drink tap water

Do you drink water at work? That’s great! The body needs at least 1.5 liters of water per day. If you usually go for the popular mineral water brands, start drinking tap water. It is safe and eco-friendly. Not convinced? Ask about water filters or ask a sanitary inspection authority about the current water quality and drink well.

Get to like public transport

Instead of driving to work by car daily, choose public transport. It will be faster, eco-friendly and cost-effective. When it is not too cold, you can ride a bike. This way you’ll get healthy, fit and take care of the environment.

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