Where to take your foreign business partners? [WARSAW]

By December 12, 2019 Business

Łazienki Warszawa

You work for an international company at one of Warsaw’s coworking spaces. Business partners announced a visit. Apart from business meetings, they also have some free time planned. Where to take your foreign associates? We have some tips for you!

“It all depends on who do you want to take sightseeing. When is comes to German and British guests, there is no point showing them hipster joints, as they have more than enough at home. There are, however, several must-see places that you may show to your business partners regardless of their age or preferences. They may be boring for us, but for them they may prove to be a real treat” says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

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New and Old Town


Colorful tenement houses of the Old Town and Barbican connecting the Old Town and New Town are one of Warsaw’s best scenic views. You do not have to plan for a long walk for your business partners. It will be enough to show them a panoramic view of the city and visit the tower of St. Anne’s Church. Climbing the stairs is too tiring? Stop for a coffee on the way. Where? You can read about in our article.

Did you know…

the Old Town in Warsaw is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Warsaw University Library roof garden


The University of Warsaw Library boasts one of the largest roof gardens in Europe. Exotic trees and shrubs bestow a special atmosphere upon this place. The garden has an area of more than one hectare and consists of two parts. The upper part contains smaller gardens connected by small bridges. The observation deck allows you to admire the panoramic view of the city. In the lower part you may enjoy an exhibition of sculptures by Polish artists.

Royal Łazienki Park


Every tourist has heard about the Royal Łazienki Park. It is one of the most beautiful parks in Warsaw and clearly a must-see. The park, which was established in the 18th century by Stanisław August Poniatowski, offers many attractions, especially in the summer – feeding carps from the bridge next to the Water Palace, Chopin concerts, walks in the Chinese Garden and many more.

Ujazdowski Castle


What is the oldest site in Warsaw? Jazdów. This is where the Ujazdowski Castle was built in the 17th century. A park was created around it and then relocated to the place, where the castle currently stands. Today, this is the location of the Centre for Contemporary Art. In Jazdów, there is also a settlement of wooden Finnish houses, which were a gift for the rebuilding of Warsaw to house those returning from the battlefront. When you visit the Ujazdowski Castle, be sure to take your guests to Qchnia Artystyczna for dinner. We recommend it!

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Wilanów Palace


One of the must-see sites on the tourist map of Masovia. The baroque palace in Wilanów was build in the 17th century. It was later extended, but care was taken not to diminish its aesthetic qualities. The palace is surrounded by a two-level garden, where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city center. It is located a mere several kilometers from the center of Warsaw and it guarantees relaxation.

Warsaw Uprising Museum


The museum presents Warsaw’s history in a manner that is simple to understand and engaging. If your business partners are even the slightest bit interested in history – be sure to take them there. You will be able to listen to authentic accounts of the Uprising given by its Insurgents and learn what it was like to live in Warsaw at that time. Not convinced? Visit the Neon Museum. It has one of the largest post-war collections that is sure to make an impression on your business partners.

Saska Kępa


If you would like to escape crowds, offer your guests a walk in the Saska Kępa district. This district has its own distinctive rhythm. The tranquility, joints with an exquisite atmosphere and the famous Francuska street will definitely appeal to those who do not like crowds and prefer to take a walk around the neighborhood instead of hanging out at trendy joints.

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