How do virtual offices work?

April 24 2020

How do virtual offices work?

More and more people are using virtual offices, also during the plague times. This is also a good idea to reduce the costs of running a business. But there’s more to it. A prestigious downtown address sounds good? Find out what you should know about a virtual office.

How does a virtual office work?

The core of a virtual office is an address used for registering a company and handling incoming mail. How does it work in practice? All incoming mail is arrives at the virtual office address, is scanned by its staff and e-mailed to the address provided in the agreement.

Did you know…

The first virtual office was set up in 1995 in the United States. Ralph Gregory was looking for a way to increase profits without spending too much time. This way, he came up with the idea to cancel his company office rental and set up a virtual office. Soon, this solution became appreciated as convenient, versatile and cost-effective.

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A virtual office is great for those who do not require a fixed workplace but merely an address for company registration. It’s also appreciated by international corporations who want to open a division in a new city of country. Foreign companies, start-ups, freelancers and tax or law firms are among the most frequent users.

What does a virtual office offer?

Virtual offices are able to tailor their offering to individual needs. Apart from an address needed to register a company, coworking offices are able to provide conference rooms for meetings with prospective customers or a counterparty for an additional fee. Some offers also include meeting service. A smiling receptionist will welcome your guests, serve coffee or snacks and print any needed documents.

When looking for a virtual office, inquire about accounting or advisory services related to running a business. Choose an office that has been around for some time and enjoys some recognition. Talk to the users and staff. You’d want them to be open and friendly. After all, you’ll be dealing with them a lot.

Why use a virtual office?

A virtual office lets you optimize costs such as: office rental, utilities, catering facilities. You can use the money to grow your business or invest, you don’t have to spend it on mundane administration. You’ll appreciate such savings in the time of recession.

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Having a company address (which is prominent on stamps and in marketing materials) in a prestigious neighborhood increases your brand’s credibility and prestige in the eyes of your prospective customers. An easily accessible, modern office with a reception desk makes a great first impression. And as we all know – this matters in business.


Your registration address is also important for the Tax Office, as it determines the competent unit for your company.

A virtual office is mostly about comfort. No need to worry about staffing the front desk, getting a secretary or running the day-to-day office management. Depending on your chosen deal, you can minimize your responsibilities (and fees).

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