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Coworking w Warszawie

Are you looking for a business facility for rent? Take a look how the conference room looks in terms of coworking. Why is it so important? You will talk with your clients, organize business meetings, conferences, or trainings there. What elements is it especially worth focusing on? Read!

1: A comfortable interior

It is a well known fact that we feel best in modern and comfortable interiors. If the conference room is large, includes a lot of natural light, and does not evoke a sense of being overwhelmed then that’s the first sign that you should consider it. Put yourself in the role of your client and think whether he or she will like the room you are looking at right now. Will that person feel comfortable in it?

2: Screen

A professional training room in Warsaw should include a screen which will ensure high quality of image regardless of the place taken by people participating in a meeting. Most office spaces for rent offer 4:3 screens, meaning ones accordant with most multimedia projectors. Additionally they include special frames which increase the contrast of the viewed presentation. Did you notice such a screen in coworking? Great

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3: Projector

A projector constitutes one of the basic elements of conference room equipment. It may include bright lamps which make working in daylight easier. It is important that it recreates colors properly and does not work too loud. This might distract the listeners. Most modern projectors include the DLP technology which removes the pixelization effect additionally making the colors more vivid and having a better contrast.

4: Furniture

Business meetings often take a few hours. That is why the furnishing of a training room is so important. Chairs, armchairs, tables – all are important here. After all, if we’ll finish a meeting with a sore back and a headache then there is little chance that we are going to be in the mood for following talks. Remember! The design of the conference room represents the brand.

Solutions.Rent coworking5: AC and lighting

We don’t like to be in rooms which are overwhelming. An incorrectly arranged interior, no windows, ventilation or AC does not work in favor of business talks. The same goes for incorrect lighting. A modern conference room, such as the one at Solutions.Rent, should not tire the eyes or body, even after a few hours of meetings.

6: Layout

If you want to rent a conference room in Warsaw then take a close look at its layout. A “U” shape chair layout is often taken advantage of. However, the most popular conference room looks as follows: a table in the middle with chairs surrounding it. It works in case of business negotiations and meetings of the managerial board. Some coworking spaces propose also a theatrical layout in which chairs are arranged in rows one after the other. Which one is better for you? It all depends on the character of the meeting. The most important thing is for the table and chair layout to be flexible and possible to be changed depending on the needs.

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7: Gadgets

A presentation during a business meeting is not all. Sometimes it is necessary to draw something or explain it in a different way than with the use of a multimedia screen. That’s when flipcharts come in handy. Magnetic and non-magnetic, doesn’t matter – what is important is that the training room includes them. If the meeting space includes gadgets making conducting trainings easier – that much better for you.

8: Social facilities

A modern conference room in Warsaw should be well organized and friendly to work in, but also to relax in. Often after a business meeting it is necessary to exchange views, ideas, or establish new contacts. And to achieve this it is useful to take advantage of a relaxing space in which it is possible to have some coffee and talk. Does your office space for rent include it? Additionally, does it meet all of the points from or list? You’ve just found the perfect office!

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