6 pro tips for an effective online meeting

April 16 2020

6 pro tips for an effective online meeting

Currently, most companies work remotely. Meetings are held through video conference programs and applications. However, not all of them are well-organized. What rules should you follow to ensure that the meeting is effective? These 6 questions will allow you to organize a successful video conference.

First: what?

Define the goal of the meeting. Think of what you want to tell the participants and whether this information is relevant for each one of them? Determine what you want to achieve with this conference. If you answer this question, you will have a goal-oriented mindset and your meeting will be swift and efficient.


Send the participants a summary after each meeting. Consider also whether the goal you set was achieved and what areas need improvement during the meetings to come.

Second: who?

Think of who should participate in the meeting. Are all the people really necessary? Will the video conference bring new value to the organization or will the important decisions be taken, so that it justifies keeping all your coworkers from their tasks? The right choice of meeting participants is important and it will save your and your coworkers’ time. Invite others to the meetings but do not force them to participate (if it’s not necessary). Describe briefly the subject of the video conference and allow everyone to decide whether they want to take part.

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Third: when?

Setting a meeting time that would be convenient for everyone is not easy. Especially if everyone already has plans. Try to organize a video conference at a time when such meetings usually take place in the office. In the case of recurring meetings, set them for the same time. Fixed meetings times will be easier to remember for your coworkers.

Fourth: where?

Choose an application for your video conference. Check if you have the latest version and whether all the participants have installed it and they know how to use it. Check also the camera, microphone and network connection. Technical issued can prolong or even ruin your meeting.

Did you know…

In the case of sudden equipment or Internet failure – cancel the meeting. It will be less frustrating for your coworkers as they will not have to try to guess what you are saying or catch the most important information with a poor video connection.

Fifth: how long?

Determine the time needed for the meeting. If you think that discussing everything will take more than an hour – try to divide the meeting into several short ones. Focusing for several hours when working at home may prove impossible. When inviting people to the meeting, remember to provide them with an information on the meeting duration and its agenda.

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Sixth: how?

Ensure peace and comfort during the video conference. The room where you hold the video conference should be quiet. Ask your family or housemates not to disturb during the meeting. Remember to put your phone on silent mode. Ensure that the meeting participants do not interrupt one another. It’s impossible to understand two or more people speaking at the same time. Keeping order at an online meeting is very important.

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