5 reasons why the IT industry chooses coworking

July 31 2020

5 reasons why the IT industry chooses coworking

Project work in the IT sector has become a standard. International corporations create teams with members from around the world. Is this a problem? No. Nowadays, thanks to modern technological solutions, tools and coworking space, they can work without any obstacles. Check out why the IT industry chooses coworking.

Flexible approach

The coworking offer is flexible and tailor-made. A new project or a larger team does not have to entail a change of office space. You just have to increase the leased coworking floor space.

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Coworking is flexible not only when it comes to the leased space. The same applies to the time of work. Most of the coworking spaces allow you to work 24/7. This is especially important if you work with clients from different time zones.

Work ergonomics

Coworking mainly means comfortable working conditions. Ergonomic seats, professional office equipment, a fast internet connection, a well-supplied kitchen. All this is a standard. Most places offer also a virtual office service, so they provide an address to register business activity. This is particularly important for contract workers and interdisciplinary project teams.

Coworking in the city center has also various conveniences in its close vicinity. Fast transport from every part of the city, near-by metro station or public communication services, all the most important spots on the map of the capital city within your reach. Everything is close at hand, and a quick lunch with friends, dinner with co-workers or drink after work are not a challenge anymore.

It is hard to deny that a business in the city center is also more representative for clients and counterparties than an office located in the suburbs.

Business-related conversations

Coworking can help you make new contacts that can prove useful in the future. A coffee break may result in a new job offer and a small talk in the lobby may bring an idea for a joint project or business.

-However, the benefits of coworking are not always as obvious as it may seem. The mere observation of other companies or teams is often a valuable hint. The way in which people talk with clients or carry out their business can inspire entrepreneurs or turn out to be a lesson for the future – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

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You can spread your wings by sharing experiences in the IT industry. It would be a shame to waste this opportunity.

Common space

The space you lease in coworking is more than just the desks. Your project team can also use the common space. Our comfortable and fully equipped conference room is at your disposal. A great fit for business meetings, discussions or trainings. All you need to do is make a booking and enjoy this comfortable and modern space.

No worries

The work of the IT industry is mainly project-based. If the space is needed only to complete a certain project, coworking is the best choice. Your corporation does not have to worry about a security service or internet connection contracts and there is no need to hire a cleaning service. Coworking is all those things. Fewer formalities is also a benefit.

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