Who is coworking meant for?

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According to numerous studies (Deskmag, among others), coworking users are usually 34 years old and more than a half of them are freelancers. Men are more willing to work in a coworking space (2/3 of the tenants). You will find both artistic souls and full-blooded programmers among them.

Coworking users include young entrepreneurs, project managers working for international corporations and socially committed individuals. All of them are beginning to consider coworking a space for effective work.

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Answering the question ‘who is coworking meant for?’ is not that simple. Actually anybody working at a computer can feel comfortable here. At Solutions.Rent we host a large group of freelancers, but also company and corporate representatives or startups,” says Rafał Wilk, Solutions.Rent’s COO.

A stereotypical coworking user is a freelancer who enjoys all things out of the box. They cycle, drink coffee at trendy cafés and may be recognized by an apple on their electronic devices. Who are you most likely to meet at a coworking space?

Computer geek


A maniac of new technologies. A programmer who loves novelties straight from the USA. Creates websites, mobile apps, new solutions. Works for a foreign corporation. He’s fed up with home office, so he decided to rent a desk at Warsaw’s new coworking space.

Business shark


Owns a company and intends to develop it, that’s why he decided to choose coworking. Values relationships and contacts and knows well that working at a coworking space makes these easier to establish. Keen on working with others and delegating projects. He’s never late, always meets deadlines and is a great business partner. Knows that a coworking office guarantees flexibility when it comes to the number of workplaces and allows for a truly rapid development of his company.

Startuper with a vision


Ambitious, demonstrating initiative, creative. Their business idea went well with the community and they’ve already found a business angel. A coworking space meets all their expectations. Doesn’t think about an office for the moment. You’re safe to say that work is their greatest passion.

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Social activist


Enthusiastic environmentalist. Runs a foundation or an association. Helps others. Has a mission. Already on their first day at the coworking office, everybody knows who they are and what’s the idea behind them. Talks with passion about ideas. Wants to convince others to their views and encourage collaboration. Respects time off and strives to maintain a work-life balance. Shows up at the coworking office before 8 a.m., but is out by 4 p.m.

Artistic soul


The most popular freelancer in the city. Designs websites, marketing materials, records videos, makes animations, invents catchlines for international brands. Because they like to talk, a coworking desk was the natural choice. Everyone knows them, but sharing a coffee is rare. An artistic soul most often drinks coffee at their clients’, discussing future projects.

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