5 reasons why freelancers choose coworking

By June 26, 2020 Business

coworkingAs the Cushman & Wakefield (2019) report shows, Warsaw is the largest coworking market in Poland. By the end of 2020, the space arranged according to the sharing philosophy can have even more than 250,000 square meters. As it turns out, it’s mostly men work in coworking spaces and many of them are freelancers. Why do freelancers so willingly choose coworking? There are several reasons.

Expands your network of contacts


Coworking is a working space for people from different industries. Interactions with other entrepreneurs allow you to expand your network of contacts and, as a result, develop in the business. By renting a desk in a coworking space you have an opportunity to complete projects with people you have met. Make use of it!

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I believe that for a freelancer, networking is the greatest advantage of coworking. Here you can meet and establish business relationships with a great number of interesting people. At Solutions.Rent many projects were created solely based on coworking acquaintance – comments Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Did you know…

By using a coworking space along with other people, you build a community. This makes you fulfil one of the basic needs of the Maslow’s pyramid – the need for belongingness.

Helps to maintain work-life balance


Working from home is often not as effective as you would expect, it and separating professional responsibilities and rest time turns out to be difficult. Coworking helps to keep balance between these two aspects of life.

At coworking you can fully concentrate on work. There are fewer distractors than at home. Tenants want to work in peace and quiet, so the coworking atmosphere facilitates concentration and respect for the interests of others. You are more productive, as nobody disturbs you. After eight hours you can go home and enjoy your free time. Nothing but benefits.

Gives a choice


Coworking ensures high flexibility. You can rent a hot desk or a permanent working place which will be waiting you every morning. You can adjust the time spent at the office to your own needs. Nobody will be surprised if you choose to work in the morning or in the evening. The majority of coworking spaces are open 24 hours a day.

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If you work in a team with other freelancers, you can rent a private office together to complete your project. Coworking venues offer large spaces and mobile furniture which allows you to rearrange the space and adjust it to your needs.

Develops creativity


Coworking spaces are places for exchanging ideas and opinions. Thanks to the multi-industry environment and modern design such spaces help to develop creativity. This, in turn, makes the business speed up. New contacts, projects, opportunities. This really pays off.


The word-of-mouth still works. Recommendations from your coworking friends can help you gain new customers.

Optimizes costs


Renting an office in a good location means high fees. Add bills, equipment… and suddenly it turns out that the costs exceed the income. A coworking desk is a much cheaper choice. The price includes the operating fee, kitchen facilities and necessary equipment. You can also use a conference room for meetings with customers or co-workers. You don’t need to give up a prestigious location.

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