Minimalism at work. Five simple rules

September 26 2019

Minimalism at work. Five simple rules

Minimalism can bring order and a sense of freedom into life. Do you feel like everyone around you is talking about it? It’s no wonder when you look at the benefits. How to apply minimalism at work? Just follow our advice.

The principles of minimalism: space

Start by tidying up your desk. Your workspace should not be a space full of unnecessary gadgets. Archive old documents, get rid of unnecessary items and make way for order. You will see that you feel better and work will become more pleasant.

It is easier to implement minimalism in your professional life when renting a coworking desk than when owning an entire office. When working at a coworking office, we do not hoard unnecessary things, we do not collect gadgets and company papers do not fill cabinets or cover a desk. We try to keep the rented space in order, a little out of decency and a little out of fear of what others will say – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Take a few minutes each day to look through the things on your desk and get rid of unnecessary items. If you cannot spare even a moment to arrange your workplace after eight hours, do it at the end of the week.

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The principles of minimalism: order

Do you know how difficult it is to find something when the screen is full of document icons and your phone book resembles a riddle? A mess on your laptop and telephone does not foster performance at work.

Disordered files make performing your duties more time-consuming and more stressful. If you don’t need something, just delete it. Do the same with applications that are no longer useful. You can upload documents you would probably want to use in the future to Google Drive, Dropbox or an external drive.

The principles of minimalism: priorities

Do you have a pile of tasks and no strength to get going? Assign priorities and check whether you have to complete all the projects today. If you can delegate, do it. You can postpone those tasks that will not bring you closer to achieving your goals for another day.

Did you know…

The “1-3-5” method says you should complete 1 large task, 3 medium ones and 5 small ones each day. You can adjust the number of tasks to your needs. However, it is important to classify them according to their volume or the time they take.

The principles of minimalism: boundaries

Do not take on every task and feel free to say “no”. Is your schedule too full to squeeze in additional projects? Communicate this instead of taking on other people’s obligations with a smile again. This will allow you to keep up with your projects and maintain work-life balance.

Minimalism will work for people who are overworked and suffering from occupational burnout. This is a great way to deal with stacks of papers, overdue tasks and not enough hours in a day. It allows you to put tasks in order, and results in more efficient work and better performance – Marta Kamińska adds.

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The principles of minimalism: focus

When at work, focus on work. Your friends always have a hundred stories and at least a couple jokes to tell but do you really have time for that? Unnecessary information effectively monopolizes your head and pulls you away from your duties. Choose valuable relationships and do not spend time on others. Chatting with people you don’t like or helping with projects that are not within the scope of your duties, just like on social media.

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