How to organize a press conference in a coworking space?

October 9 2019

How to organize a press conference in a coworking space?

Journalists have had less and less time; therefore, they rarely participate in press conferences. How do you encourage editors to enter your conference in their calendars? Organize a conference in a coworking space in the city center and take the following advice to heart.

Select the venue

What are characteristic features of a journalist? Constant lack of time and thus laziness. Do you think an editor would go to the other end of the city just to ask a director a few questions? There is no way he or she is going to do that. It’s a waste of time. You want many journalists to attend your conference? Organize it in the city center (most editorial offices have registered offices there). It’s easy to get there and to park a car – it will make journalists’ decision much easier. Carefully check the conference venue.

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When somebody contacts us about event organization, we discuss details first. We send photos of our space and encourage him or her to meet us in our coworking space. This way, organizers can find out more about opportunities that our coworking space offers. Of course, we assist in everything. We take care of setting up tables and chairs, we provide a technician who will help you with equipment during the whole conference and we take care of cleaning the space afterwards’ says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Select the date

You have surely heard that organizing conferences on Mondays and Fridays is not a good idea. The time before and after weekends is not suitable for discussing important issues. It is better to take some time to properly get back to work after free days and to relax before an exciting weekend. Organize meetings in the middle of the week. Before scheduling, check if there is no other conference at the same time. Plan your event between 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. It’s the best time to get the highest attendance.

Think about the form

Have you ever thought about organizing a press breakfast instead of a popular conference? Discussing important business aspects while having a delicious coffee and cake definitely supports establishing new relations. Maybe you should give it a go?

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After events we get a lot of positive feedback on our spaces and event service. We are more and more frequently receiving inquiries for conferences and press breakfasts. We are able to organize a high-level business meeting for even 120 people in just one week’ says Marta Kamińska.

Prepare a press-kit

Prepare a press-kit for every journalist. Don’t forget about a notebook and a pen, which will be handy if a journalist wants to write something down. Throw in some company goodies as well. Freebies such as pendrive or power bank will always be useful in the newsroom. You have ideas for other goodies? Go ahead.

Make your topic interesting

You want to organize a press conference about a new member of the board of directors? You should drop this idea right away. The topic of the meeting should be interesting for the participants. Development plans, revolutionary changes, groundbreaking reports – these are the topics which would attract journalists. Remember that the topic of the conference with media must be up-to date. Informing them about changes which took place half a year ago is pointless.

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