Greatest coworking myths

October 9 2020

Greatest coworking myths

Coworking is often associated with designer spaces in the centers of large cities. Most believe that these offices are filled with young freelancers, have modern posters and good coffee. Is this really true? Learn about the greatest coworking myths circulating around the web.

Coworking is only for young people

Coworking is a working space for people that are modern, creative and open to non-standard solutions. It is the answer to the changing labor market. However, various frequently cited stereotypes often negatively impact interest in such services – says Rafał Wilk, COO Solutions.Rent.

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Coworking spaces are ever more often rented by international corporations for large project teams. There is no shortage of law firms, reputable PR and HR agencies, consulting companies or large online companies. You can also meet experienced businessmen here, who prefer coworking over an office in the city center. There are no age limits and mixed backgrounds make up for a atmosphere that fosters interpersonal and professional relationships.

Coworking requires a long-term commitment

Nothing could be further from the truth. Office rentals offer highly flexible terms and conditions, trying to offer the best-tailored conditions for the current needs of potential tenants. You can book a free trial day with most coworking spaces. You don’t have to sign an agreement right away. Come and see for yourself how you feel in that particular space, whether it would support efficient work and be comfortable for you. Decide only when you’re sure.

Coworking is only for big cities

Coworking is only available in big cities – is can’t possibly exist in smaller ones. Such a stereotype is repeated on the Internet like a mantra. The truth is, however, that more and more entrepreneurs invest to open coworking spaces in smaller cities. Coworking spaces are available, among other, in Olsztyn, Koszalin, Opole or Kalisz.

Coworking means strangers

Does the word “coworking” instantly make you think that it means working in a different place crawling with tenants you don’t know? Coworking is often a place for integration and networking meetings, when people renting a large office or a single desk can get to know each other better. “Strangers” can quickly become acquaintances, business partners or customers. Great development prospects lie within.

Coworking is not safe, as you’re sharing space with other tenants

This is yet another myth related to the stereotype that other tenants who work at coworking spaces can gain access to your company’s information. However, you don’t need to worry about that, because you can rent a private office with separate access control. Coworking spaces also offer CCTV monitoring and a reception desk. When you prefer to work in an open space, you can use locked cabinets.

Coworking means you can’t be at ease

It is often believed that you can’t be at ease at a coworking space due to other people being there. One needs to bear in mind, however, that all tenants need to observe certain rules that are intended to ensure your comfort of work. At the same time, coworking spaces have separate chill out zones, a shared kitchen or a place, where you can eat lunch and talk to your coworkers. You can take a break at any time to have a cup of coffee, rest and talk to other people.

Coworking is only for the landlord

When considering renting an office or a single desk at a coworking space, you may wonder whether you will have room to meet with clients. Coworking spaces offer meeting or conference rooms that are accessible against payment or free of charge, depending on the type of your contract. That way, you don’t need to worry about meetings with counterparties. A comfortable and work-conducive business space is at your disposal.

Coworking is similar to a cafe

Until now, remote work was associated with working at a desk at home or at a table at a cafe. Why pay extra, when you can work from your favorite joint? Don’t forget that coworking is not the same. Public space at a restaurant is a place for social gatherings. It is often crowded and loud, making it hard to focus. Coworking, on the other hand, is a place designed for effective work and with an unlimited supply of… coffee!

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