Coworking for non-governmental organizations. Yea or nay?

By March 13, 2020 Business

Solutions.RentFinding an office for an association or foundation is not that easy. It has to be adapted to the needs of employees, be flexible and presentable. Coworking for non-governmental organizations is one of the possible solutions. Is this a good idea?

According to the report “Condition of non-governmental organizations”drafted by the Klon/Jawor Association, there are 117 thousand associations and 26 thousand foundations registered in Poland. The majority have their seats in large cities with 200 thousand residents or more (34%). Entities from the third sector is usually operate in the field of sport, tourism, recreation (35%) and art and culture (14%). The majority of them assist children or youth (73%) or local communities (62%). According to this report, the average association comprises 30 members.

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-Non-governmental organizations are very important. Without them, there would be no Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity or voluntary fire service. They address numerous basic human needs and often reach those deprived of any other form of help. They are truly making a difference. “Our coworking is always open to cooperation with NGOs” – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Coworking for non-governmental organizations: flexibility


One of the biggest advantages of coworking is its flexibility. Desks might be rented for a longer period of time or for a specific occasion. You do not need to conclude a one-year contract, as is the case with leasable premises. Cooperation conditions are determined by the non-governmental organization, which then adapts the space to its needs.

Coworking for non-governmental organizations: new possibilities


Organizations that are entering the market can learn a lot from working in a coworking space. Such a space is rented by smaller and larger businesses, project teams and corporations – it might be useful to see their working style and how they function. It’s the only way to see it up close. Gathering experience and learning from the mistakes of others may help associations and foundations grow and develop.

Coworking for non-governmental organizations: people


Coworking lets you get to know new people and exchange views. Such a space is often a meeting place for creative people, freelancers and start-up founders, making it an ideal environment for NGOs. Getting to know them, engaging with them and working together opens up new opportunities and perspectives. The exchange of knowledge and ideas may result in new projects or even win you a sponsor.

Coworking for non-governmental organizations: no additional worries


Renting an office does not only entail the costs of the premises, but also electricity and water bills, as well as cost of new equipment. Printer, photocopier, fax machine – these are only some of the examples of additional costs, while non-governmental organizations need to be frugal with their expenses. c makes all the necessary equipment available to NGOs. You may use a conference room, reception and secretariat services and a fully-equipped kitchen.

Coworking for non-governmental organizations: cost-efficiency


Prices of renting an office may be an effective deterrent for non-governmental organizations. Especially the prices of an office in the city center. Coworking allows you to effectively minimize the costs, which is crucial for the third sector. Coworking spaces are usually located in convenient locations.

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Working space rented by the hour may prove to be the perfect solution for NGOs. Considering full and professional office equipment, the opportunity to network and gain experience, this decision may mean you hitting the bull’s eye.

Do you work for a non-governmental organization and are looking for coworking in Warsaw? Click here and check out Solutions.Rent. 

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