How to run a company Twitter profile – and why, actually?

October 15 2020

How to run a company Twitter profile – and why, actually?

According to portal, Twitter has over 330 million users worldwide. Most of them (as much as 63%) are aged 35–65. The likelihood that they might be interested in your brand’s products and services is high. That is why it is a good idea to invest some time to run a company profile on Twitter.

– Twitter fits well in the current trends: “mobile first”, fast information exchange, short content. Its greatest assets include immediate access to information and instant contact with members of the industry. Being active on this platform facilitates online brand building and promotion” says Anna Ledwoń-Blacha, creative owner of the More Bananas agency.

Identify your goals

When you run a brand profile on Twitter, as well as on other social media, you need to identify your goals. What do you want to achieve, who is your target audience, which goals are your priority? The answers to these questions will allow you to prepare an action plan, and the clearly identified goals will be easier to reach. 

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Twitter may help your brand to:

– build relationships with potential clients,
– create the image of an expert,
– quickly provide the interested parties with feedback,
– raise an interest in products or services and, consequently, increase sales.

Attract attention

Even though Twitter is mainly associated with written word, appropriate graphics will add some flare to the company profile. Let’s face it, images are eye-catching. So you should have some. All published graphics should visually match the brand identity. Ensure that your profile is consistent.

Post a lot of meaningful content

Twitter means, forts and foremost, a lot of content. Before you start to “tweet”, however, you should get an accurate picture of your target audience. Do not post content thoughtlessly. The quality of your content is important. That is why you should learn what content your recipients are interested in first, and then post carefully thought-out and interesting entries.


Do not write exclusively about your company. No one likes that. Create content that will allow you to interact with others. Retweet every tweet that mentions you.

Lead discussions

There are those who still think of Twitter as the advertising column. Meanwhile, this platform is great for discussions. Ask questions, respond to tweets of users and share interesting and valuable content. Do not overuse the advertising aspect. You may post it only when the topic and nature of a discussion allow for it.

It’s important!

React to tweets of others. Be attentive to the comments of your recipients. If they have a problem – try to solve it. It will improve the image of your brand.

Remember about keywords

Try to intersperse your business profile with keywords. It will make it easier for the interested parties to find your brand’s profile. You don’t know which keywords to use? You can check it in the available tools, such as: Google Keyword Planner, Senuto, SEMSTORM. It’s easy and effective.  

Leverage your contacts

A reminder about hashtags hardly seems necessary – they have a great potential. On Twitter, you should also make use of your contacts. Mutual linking and mentioning other people in your tweets may extend your reach. It will allow you to get to a wider audience and make your profile more attractive.

Did you know…

You can use the following tools to find appropriate hashtags: Twitter Toolbar, Twitter Reach or

Analyze all your activities on Twitter. You can do that with Twitter Analytics. Which indicators should be taken into account? The number of followers, link clicks and tweets and retweets with links to your company’s profile. With this analysis you will learn how your community behaves and you will be able to optimize your efforts. 

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