Eight popular blogs for those seeking development

September 25 2020

Eight popular blogs for those seeking development

Running your own business? Are you eager to develop or are you a freelancer who wants to keep track of what’s going on in business? Then Internet will be the place to go for your endeavors. But what reading content will provide actual benefits? Check out our compilation of blogs worth visiting regularly.

Mała Wielka Firma

On his blog, Marek Jankowski shares some advice on acquiring customers, growing sales and being more productive. But that’s not all. His platform often hosts guests from the world of marketing and business who willingly share their knowledge and experience. Worth visiting regularly.

Kasia Pszonicka

It’s a blog for fledgling entrepreneurs. Here you’ll find a lot of how-to content related to operating a business, business projects or the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs. Know-how for novices in business.

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Latająca Szkoła

Looking for success stories and inspiring anecdotes of people who actually made it? You’re not bold enough to quit a full-time job and start with your own company? Visit latajacaszkola.pl and see how those who had their own way are happy with their thriving companies. This will surely motivate you to take action.

Jak oszczędzać pieniądze?

How to save money when running your own business? This question is sometimes difficult to answer. Fortunately, Michał Szafrański writes a blog that has the answers for both the private and personal aspects. Professional content, practical advice, and most of all – a shining example.


The dopracowani.pl website is a space for entrepreneurial, overworked people on a quest for development. The blog’s author, Magda, shows that one can enjoy their work regardless of employment type (full-time job, own business, freelance). Check it out if you need motivation, are looking for interesting tips or just want to spend time online productively.

Artur Jabłoński

On his blog, this e-marketing specialist gives some helpful hints in terms of online business promotion. Here you’ll find some tips related to content marketing, social media and advertising. Visiting regularly and keeping track of what is happening in the online marketing area will surely pay off.

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Paweł Tkaczyk

Looking for reliable advice on building brand strategies, sales or customer service? You’ll find it on the blog written by Paweł Tkaczyk – a storytelling specialist and book author, who published, among others, such titles as: “Zakamarki marki” (Brand secrets), “Grywalizacja” (Gamification), “Narratologia” (Narratology). It’s a really useful blog that you can learn a lot from.


Monika Czaplicka runs a blog that supplies you with, among others, articles related to social media communication, as well as some guidance on how to deal with crisis and hate. If you run an online business, practical guides on social selling or Facebook advertising will surely come in handy. Props for interesting case studies to model yourself after.


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