Coming back to work from the home office – a crash course

May 15 2020

Coming back to work from the home office – a crash course

According to a study conducted by Colliers International, 82% of the respondents want to work from home at least once a week after the coronavirus pandemic is contained. More than half of the respondents believe that their productivity has not changed and 24% admit that it actually increased. When home office has been working out so well, how do you get back to working from the office?

– “The coronavirus transformed the way organizations work around the world. Returning to the pre-pandemic reality will be a long hard road. A lot of people already want to switch to remote work and those who will return to offices or coworking spaces will have to get used to new sanitary conditions” comments Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Happy to see you back

Want to return to the office? Make sure that the transition is nice and easy. Draft a list of the most important tasks to do on the first day after returning to work. Try to choose tasks that do not require extensive focus nor booming creativity. This might prove impossible on the first day. You may feel irritation, fear of getting infected and your concentration may suffer. Keep calm – everything should be back to normal by the third day.

Follow the requirements

After returning to the office, you will have to comply with new sanitary standards.  Depending on where you work, you will be required to wear a face mask and gloves. Your employer should also ensure that your desks are adequately spaced. Rules concerning regular hand sanitizing and workstations disinfection will probably apply to you as well. Health interviews and daily pre-work body temperature measurements already have or will be introduced at many companies. Time spent in social areas, such as the kitchen or chillout room, may be restricted. Don’t fight these restrictions. They were introduced to ensure safety for you and your colleagues.

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Take it easy

Returning to the office may be stressful, but try to keep your head cool. Trying to keep up to date with all the pandemic reports may be detrimental to your mental health. Looking for disease symptoms in yourself during a coffee break is also not recommended. If you’re feeling weak, have a headache or just feel under the weather, it does not necessarily mean that you got infected with the virus. Let your body adjust to the new situation and give it time to return to normal. If you are still unwell after some time – seek medical advice.

Get back in shape

Several months spent at home may reduce your physical and mental fitness. When you return to the office, also try to return to healthy habits. Spend time outdoors (while maintaining a safe distance of course). Walking, riding a bike or jogging will be good both for your waistline and mind. Physical activity releases endorphins in the brain – it will help you to function effectively once you’re back at the office.

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Keep calm

Returning to the office may bring up many negative feelings, which will make it harder for you to complete your tasks. Try to remain calm and think rationally. If you have any doubts, discuss them with your employer. Before their staff return to the office, many companies organize meetings to explain new procedures and inform about changes. To protect the health and safety of employees, they also organize OH&S trainings.

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