How to keep your professional New Year’s resolutions?

February 7 2020

How to keep your professional New Year’s resolutions?

According to the data from Statistic Brain Research Institute and the University of Scranton, almost a half of New Year’s resolutions (47%) relate to career and development. Unfortunately, 75% of them are pursued only for a week. How to keep your New Year’s resolutions? We have some tips for you!

Start from the basics

You know very well that not every resolution can be kept. But did you know that some of them have no chances only because you didn’t write them down and so forgot about them? When you write down your professional goals on a sheet of paper, they are much easier to achieve than you think. Do you feel that a notebook is too old-fashioned? Use an app – you can have your resolutions always on hand!

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Don’t go overboard with the number of resolutions. If your list includes 10 dreams that require your time and attention, try to postpone some of them to next year. It is a case of “less is more”. Pursuing too many resolutions at once leads to failure.

Resolutions should be specific and doable. If you want your company to start selling services worldwide in a year’s time, it’s possible you won’t succeed. Think about what you actually want to achieve (e.g. sale in European countries) and whether it is possible and within your capabilities.

Plan is the best remedy

It doesn’t matter that your plan is imperfect – it’s important to have it! Determine specific actions that will help you achieve your goal and set deadlines for individual stages. If you impose deadlines on yourself, you will have an easier time with keeping your resolutions. Remove the expression “I’ll start tomorrow” from your vocabulary and just do it!

The more the merrier

Strong will is worth its weight in gold when it comes to keeping resolutions. What can you do when another day goes by and you haven’t pulled yourself together to get even a little bit closer to your goal? Look for someone with the same resolutions. Do you want to speak fluent English? Surely you have people around you who would be happy to sign up for a language course. Sticking together will help you be more determined.

Monitor progress

Monitoring progress makes you more willing to improve. Observe the goal and check you what you have done already and what is still to be done. Patiently analyze everything and your monitoring will bring fruit in the form of better results. Check your progress at least once a month.

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Prepare a plan B

When you’re set your goals at the beginning of the year, you aren’t thinking about anything going wrong. But in case something happens – it might be a good idea to have a plan B. It may be useful when it suddenly turns out that you need to leave the country or move to another place. Think about what may go wrong and try to prepare for it. Even if something unexpected happens – you will know what to do and it won’t affect your goals.

Appreciate yourself. If you manage to implement one of the plans or move closer to achieving your goal, say to yourself “good job!”. Take joy from small successes. It will make you more determined to achieve your professional resolutions.

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