Hot desk in Warsaw – the right thing for you?

February 14 2020

Hot desk in Warsaw – the right thing for you?

Do you run a company and are looking for savings, but abandoning the office doesn’t seem to be the best idea? Do you work remotely but are fed up with working at a café and there’s always something to be done at home? A hot desk at a coworking space is just the thing for you. Get to know the greatest advantages of renting hot desks in Warsaw.

– “Hot desking is a method of working that promotes innovation and is especially recommended for companies hiring mobile employees that allow flexible working time. Such practice is often implemented at companies from the IT and new technologies sector. Employees no longer care about dedicated desks. What is important is a space that provides a spot for phone calls, relaxing and working at a computer”, says Rafał Wilk, COO at Solutions.Rent.

Hot desking is employed by globally successful companies, such as HP, Microsoft or Twitter. Why? Here are the most important reasons.

Hot desk: lower expenses

You’re a business owner wanting to save some money? By introducing hot desks, you could reduce expenses by up to 30%. How is this possible? Firstly, you rent a smaller space for your employees; secondly, you save on equipment for the desk. Lower costs, less problems.

Hot desk: motivation

We all know this: coming to work at the office, where each desk is in shambles instead of being a workspace. Sounds familiar? We know how to motivate employees to clean up. Introducing… a hot desk. Changing your desk daily requires keeping it tidy.

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Did you know…

The name “hot desk” is derived from a “hot rack” – a sanctioned practice with the navy. Due to limited space on warships, marines rotated cabins (bunks). One bunk was usually shared by 2–3 people. The space saved could be used for other purposes.

Hot desk: development

The idea of hot desks promotes developing professional skills. Employees may sit next to experts in a given field and – through discussion and cooperation – acquire knowledge from them and learn faster.

Hot desk: productivity

An office space where employees do not have assigned desks is no longer a place to drink coffee and have long conversations. In such a space employees focus mainly on performing their duties. This, in turn, improves their productivity.

Hot desk: flexibility

Hot desking mode ensures full flexibility. If your company works on projects and the teams change frequently, such a solution is perfect for you. Employees can choose any desk and thus work in various teams.

Hot desk: comfort

Hot desks may be considered as supplementary to remote work. Inadequate home working conditions are compensated by the employer by renting hot desks. The employee is more productive and work is done faster.

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Hot desk: integration

A flexible working space and frequent workplace changes promote integration. Even if your company hires dozens of employees who usually work in teams, hot desking will encourage them to discuss, and you can profit from a well-integrated team.

An increasing number of employees expect a flexible approach to performing duties. Hot desking works wonders in such cases. Before renting any hot desk, make sure you prepare your employees for the change and explain how they should function in the new space.

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