Five Future Competencies Worth Developing

August 18 2023

Five Future Competencies Worth Developing

Will AI take our jobs? This question becomes more and more prevalent in almost every industry. Are you worrying about artificial intelligence putting you out of a job – instead of developing your skills? You’d better check what will be important for employers in a few years.

– The labor market is changing rapidly. This trend is here to stay, probably for good. What will be important in the future are social skills, such as entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, people management; cognitive skills, such as critical thinking and creativity; and technical skills – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

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F as in Cognitive Flexibility

Can you find and combine ideas, data or solutions? Great. The ability to notice links between different projects will guarantee the growth of your company and will ensure you a job in future. In several years, jobs will more often require the ability to make good decisions, so you should perfect this skill.

C as in Creativity

Future jobs will require you to think outside the box, keeping off the beaten track. Creativity will be valued everywhere – not only in industries typically associated with it, such as media, marketing or entertainment. If you have a sixth sense, a head full of ideas and coming up with new products or services is a cakewalk for you – keep up the good job.

E as in Emotional Intelligence

The higher your emotional intelligence, the higher your productivity. If you can recognize and name your emotions and emotions of others, you are on the right track to getting your dream job in a few years. Your employer will appreciate your conflict solving skills and the ability to diffuse tense situations.

P as in Persuasion

The always coveted ability to persuade others to your point of view will be important in the labor market. If you are a born speaker and a natural leader – you will find it easier to get a job. If you lack confidence – nothing is yet lost. You can still develop these skills. 

A as in autonomy

The future on the labor market will belong to versatile employees who can work independently just as well as in a team. Own initiative and the ability to carry out tasks and solve problems without help or guidance from others will be valuable. If you like challenges and are self-sufficient – good for you. 

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H as in Human Resource Management

Artificial intelligence has no chance of replacing you in this respect. People management skills, meaningful contact and building effective, interdisciplinary teams should be in your resume if you want to find a good job. The market will especially favor leaders who can communicate clearly and precisely and have no problems with leading others.

HR trends clearly indicate that interpersonal skills will be more and more important. That is why you should invest in yourself, find a way to acquire or develop these skills and not be afraid of changes brought about by technological evolution. Good luck! 

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