Six Best Gadgets for Office Work

August 25 2023

Six Best Gadgets for Office Work

Gadgets are not only fun, but they also make our work and life easier. If you can improve everyday comfort, and save time doing it, why wouldn’t you? See what may be worth checking out.

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Stress ball

We all get stressed from time to time – especially at work. Leaving a meeting rather upset? Waiting for an important e-mail? A project deadline is looming near? A stress ball can make you feel better. Squeezing it lets you get rid of unwanted emotions and calms your nerves. 

Mug heater

Cold coffee is a nightmare not only for young mums, but for everyone who works in the office. Your hot beverage will get cold, because you need to leave for a meeting or you’re focusing too much on the task at hand? A portable mug warmer is what you need! All you need to do is to plug it to a USB port and enjoy your hot beverage at any time! 

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Laptop stand

A laptop stand let’s you position your laptop in a way that is more convenient. Ergonomics is crucial for both our health and comfort. This little gadget doesn’t take much space, but it makes a huge difference. If your laptop is prone to overheating, it’s also a good idea to invest in a cooling pad.

Massage cushion

We all know how important ergonomics is but… don’t we all sit in a weird position in our office chair, every now and again? When you remain motionless for the whole day, the toll on your back is rather considerable. On top of that, stress and fatigue often make our shoulders tense, which can be quite painful. A handy massager will not only relieve your pain, but it will also allow you a moment of relax.


An organizer is a simple little thing that can affect your productivity significantly. You can choose a standard one or a slightly fancier one, perhaps attached to your monitor. It will keep your pens, clips and post-it notes tidy and not clutter your desk, so that actually important items are always at hand. 

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Phone holder

Today, your smartphone is almost your portable computer. It serves not only as a telephone, but also as a camera, a notepad, a messenger or a business contact holder. A phone holder will let you keep your smartphone in good shape and it will make your online meetings easier. You can place it on your desk or attach it to your laptop, so that you can always stay on top of things.

Remember to keep your desk clean and uncluttered. Keep any unnecessary items in a drawer, put unused papers in order and stick with a single notepad or a note-keeping app. This will help you avoid chaos and every morning you’ll approach your tasks with pleasure. 

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