Seven Habits of Successful People

August 11 2023

Seven Habits of Successful People

Getting up at five in the morning, practicing mindfulness and gratefulness, every-day meditation – you can read about those habits of successful people most often online. But do they actually guarantee goal realization? What really helps in achieving success? Keep on reading.

– Whether you start your day early in the morning, or work every day late at night, whether you meditate every day, or once a week, whether you run ten kilometers or a little less than that – good habits should always be suited to your personality and character. It’s a good idea to seek inspiration and motivation, but it’s best to find your own way to success – says Marta Kamińska from

Set priorities

Successful people have clearly set priorities. They plan each day very carefully. They dedicate their time and attention to the most important items from their “to do” list. They know that focusing on priorities will get them closer towards their goal realization.

Tip for you:
Make a plan and set a task list for every day. Prioritize your projects. Don’t waste your time on minor, less important activities.

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Take the initiative

Successful people are proactive. They often take the initiative instead of waiting for something to happen. If they want something, they actively try to get it – out of their own free will. This gets them closer to achieving success. 

Tip for you: 
Don’t wait for things to happen. No one will achieve your goals for you. Take the initiative and realize your goals one by one.

Be disciplined

Successful people know how to keep their focus. They are disciplined, whether they answer to the manager, the director or the board of directors, or not. They take full responsibility for what they do and they know how to manage themselves in time. 

Tip for you: 
Learn self-control – this will help you realize your goals. Be consistent and persevere in whatever you do. This really works.

Always develop

Constant development is in successful people’s DNA. They never rest on their laurels, but they constantly perfect their skills. They want to get better at what they do with every passing day. They take full advantage of being aware of their own weaknesses. 

Tip for you: 
Take a good hard look at yourself. Notice all your strong, but also weak suits. Invest in self-development. And if you don’t have the time for courses and trainings – read everyday.  

Communicate clearly

Successful people have very well developed communication skills. They express themselves clearly and precisely. They are sure of what they say. They are not afraid of criticism and openly express their opinions. They can also convince others to agree with them. 

Tip for you: 
Do you feel you lack confidence and you often avoid conversation? It’s time to change it. Communication skills can be learned. Look for courses or webinars online. 

Listen actively

Active listening lets you get to know the other person better, understand their point of view, but also ask the right questions and draw correct conclusions from the conversation. Successful people are great listeners. This lets them build permanent business relationships. 

Tip for you: 
Do you want to listen actively, but you don’t know how? Begin with removing all distractions (smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV) and try to focus on the other person. Does it work? Great. Practice this every day. Practice makes perfect.

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Take care of your health

Regular physical activity and healthy diet are key not only to prolonging your life, but also to better productivity. Successful people take care of their fitness both mental and psychical one, because they know it affects all areas of their life.

Tip for you: 
Take care of an optimal, healthy diet and good exercise. Adjust them to your lifestyle and preferences. Remember – don’t force it. If you don’t like running – don’t run. Perhaps horseback riding, or yoga are more down your alley?

Try to use your time to the maximum – both at work and out of it. Develop your own routine. Do your best to surround yourself with people with positive attitude towards life, and in your free time do what you love doing. This will help you be a satisfied person – an it’s the first step towards being successful.

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