8 Business Books to Take with You on Holiday

July 7 2023

8 Business Books to Take with You on Holiday

Are you going on vacation? Do not forget to pack a good book. The best ideas come to you on holiday. New business, starting your own company, going freelance? If an idea began to take shape in your mind, bring with you at least one of the books listed below.

Start with Why” – Simon Sinek

Do you want to inspire others or are you looking for someone to inspire you? Then this book should have a place in your bag. It will show you how to think, act and communicate like a true leader. 100% effective and out-of-the-box – it’s the hidden key to success.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” – David Allen

How to manage your tasks, have control over time and rest effectively? Answers to these questions will come along while you read this book. You will learn how to eliminate stress and create your own relax zone. These simple rules will improve the quality of your life. The book is an international bestsellers for those who want to maintain work-life balance.

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Eat That Frog!” – Brian Tracy

A guidebook for those who want to be more effective. If you endlessly procrastinate on your tasks and feel guilty that you failed to do something – it is high time to read this book. It contains 21 methods of achieving success, or rather: improving your work efficiency. It will bring you relief and satisfaction.

How to Win Friends and Influence People” – Dale Carnegie

A simple guide to how to treat others to be viewed as a valuable and respect-worthy person. The book contains the basics on interpersonal relationships based on understanding and important little things. Following the rules listed in the book will help you achieve your goals not only in your private life.

Influence: Science and Practice” – Robert Cialdini

What are the tricks of marketing masters? Why are advertisements so effective? This book contains information on simple psychological mechanisms responsible for the behavior of each of us. Six rules mentioned in the book will help you build relationships and achieve your goals thanks to them.

Thinking, Fast and Slow” – Daniel Kahneman

Did you know that there are two ways of thinking? Fast and slow. The first one is low on effort and is responsible for first impressions. The other is based on analysis and deduction. Want to learn more? Try “Thinking, Fast and Slow” – it is an entertaining and humorous read that is sure not to bore you. It contains numerous case studies and reliable scientific knowledge.

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Blue Ocean Strategy” – Renee Mauborgne Kim W Chan

The authors of the book argue that the best way to achieve success and dominate market competition is to stop trying to beat it. They named their method a blue ocean strategy. Companies that do not focus on competition, but rather find an unoccupied market niche, have a greater chance of succeeding. So, how to create and occupy your own ocean? This book has the answer.

The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

An international bestseller that analyses the phenomenon of black swans, i.e. unexpected events that significantly affect your life. The attacks on 11 September 2001, the financial crisis or the coronavirus pandemic – those events are impossible to predict, but their impact is enormous. The book is intended for those who want to live consciously in the uncertain world of today.

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