Eight useful applications for an entrepreneur

September 11 2020

Eight useful applications for an entrepreneur

Targets, summaries, estimates. When running a business, documents pile up on your desk and you’re supposed to act as a manager, salesperson and marketing specialist all at once. Every entrepreneur must tackle chronic lack of time and an excessive amount of responsibilities. Fortunately, there are several apps that will help you run your own business efficiently.


Do you like games and competition? Then this is the thing just for you. You can achieve daily goals and develop good habits based on RPG scenarios. Sounds impossible? This app allows you to participate in challenges and earn points. After achieving a goal or implementing a good habit, you earn rewards and new skills. They allow you to level up and improve your avatar.


Planning and monitoring company expenses is vital. Even though it should be a priority, it usually becomes less important, as there is not enough time for everything. But no worries! Pleo will help you manage your budget efficiently. A report on financial resources will always be at hand. This application is free and available for iOS, Android and Windows.

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Adobe Scan

Unending scanning of documents becomes a torment? Nope, if you use the Adobe Scan app to turn your phone into a scanner. Documents are saved in PDF format and ready to be sent. The Adobe Scan app is free and compatible with iOS and Android.


Trello is a tried and tested planning assistant. This app lets you plan a project with responsibilities assigned to each team member. You can monitor progress, archive completed tasks, as well as send and share files from your computer. Each team member can add comments to the project and cooperate with other teammates. You can constantly monitor what’s going on in your team. Trello didn’t convince you? Perhaps you’ll find Asana to be to your liking. It’s an intuitive and practical tool for managing large projects.


Communication with a distributed team is not easy. But relax, apart from phone calls, text messages and videoconferences, there are apps for group and individual chats. Slack offers not only conversations, but also document sharing. It’s a great tool, especially for those working remotely.

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Loads of work, responsibilities and to-dos related to your business? Write them all out in the Todoist app. Set a deadline and assign a person responsible for handling each task. To-do lists really enhance organization and productivity. Never used any? You should definitely try one!

Google Drive

A virtual drive that lets project teams create and edit documents, no matter where you are. You can write texts, create presentations and spreadsheets. Save all files online. Google Drive enables you to share files for preview, commenting or editing with other team members.


Being able to create quick notes during a business meeting is really helpful. Evernote will keep your company files and documents in order. No matter the amount of material collected – everything is on hand.

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