Seven Top Working Time Management Myths

September 4 2020

Seven Top Working Time Management Myths

Do you suffer from a chronic lack of time? Are you trying to cram as much as possible into your day and it does not give you the desired results? Do you wonder every day how is it possible that others are able to complete all their duties within 8 hours? Maybe instead of properly managing yourself in time, you’ve fallen for the widespread myths? Check out the most common ones!

Myth #1 Time management requires talent

Do you think that people are born with time management skills? Nothing could be further from the truth. These skills are a set of techniques to be perfected throughout your lifetime. It comes easier to some and more difficult to others. But that does not mean that time management cannot be learned. All you need is the will and systematic work.

Myth #2 There is only one working time management method

All you need to do is master a single one working time management technique and… you’ll become a black belt of management. Unfortunately, it’s nothing like a magic wand. A planner, calendar or the recent hype app will not get this done. You need to develop the proper habit while planning your work and implementing projects. Without acquiring new skills and abandoning old habits, you cannot hope that a good organizer will save you time.

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Myth #3 Good management allows to do more in shorter time

There is a stereotype that when you have a lot of things to do and still manage, it means you are well-organized. It does not matter how much time you devote to one task or whether you perform it thoroughly or just want to tick it off your “TO DO” list. The truth is, however, that cramming a lot of stuff into your day does not make you a planning or management champion, it only means that you work more than others. Good time management is not about getting the most projects done in the shortest time. It is above all about performing your duties as best as you can within the planned time.

“It is not about working at top speed and being constantly busy. This never translates into results and may lead to overworking and professional burnout. It is important to determine what you want to achieve and achieve the goal with less effort and time than usual,” says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Myth #4 Time management kills creativity

Some people think that good work management murders creativity. This, however, contradicts the findings of psychology, which prove that organized professional life allows for finding free time. And a relaxed mind is a more creative one.

Myth #5 Good work management gives you independence

Do you associate good time management with self-sufficiency and independence? Wrong. Time management is also about proper separation of duties, task delegation and assertiveness. If you think that in order to get it right, you have to do it yourself and that you’re irreplaceable, you will very soon become a slave to your own profession.

Myth #6 Time management is another name for perfectionism

Good time management should be based on the “good enough” rule, which is about performing tasks on a level that is good enough, without constantly revisiting them and amending already finished projects. Perfectionism is the opposite of effective time management. Constantly checking and improving projects has nothing to do with good management.

Myth #7 Work management is about planning every minute

Planning is a key aspect of time management. However, it is not about precisely specifying when the task starts and when it ends. Writing down every minute in a calendar will take you nowhere. You cannot predict everything. That is why every day you should leave yourself some spare time that is not assigned to any task.

Remember! Just because you do not complete all of the tasks you planned for the day or you postpone some of them for the next day, does not mean you did something wrong. Plan sensibly!

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