When and Why Should You Take the Gallup’s Test?

September 14 2020

When and Why Should You Take the Gallup’s Test?

The Gallup’s Test, also known as CliftonStrengths or CliftonStrengthsFinder, allows you to identify your inherent talents. When and why should you take it? Keep on reading.

The Gallup’s Test determines the actions are the most natural to you, which makes them the easiest to perform at work. It will also show you where your potential lies.

Did you know…

According to Gallup, talent consists of natural patterns of thinking, feeling and reacting, which can be used productively. Every person has 34 talents. Some of them are dominant, which means they may be observed every day.

How is the Gallup’s Test structured?

The test consists of 177 pairs of statements. Your job is to check the statement that you identify most with and which describes you the best. You have approximately 20 seconds for each pair. After that time the system takes you to the next statement. Why? The purpose of the test is for you to follow the first thought that comes to your mind instead of thinking about the statements. You cannot go back to the previous question or correct an answer. Relax. There are no right or wrong choices in the test. Just like there are no better or worse talents. Each of them is important and useful. The entire test takes approximately 30 minutes. After you complete the test, you get a description of the 34 characteristics, the first 10 being your greatest talents. They are the ones you should employ in your professional career.

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When should you take the Gallup’s Test?

When you are the boss

Are you a manager? Take the test and encourage your coworkers to follow suit. This will help you discover your strengths and develop them. You will also be able to choose a team that completes you. A leader who develops their coworkers’ talents achieves better results and the team itself is more dedicated and effective.

When you are at a turning point

Have you lost your job or maybe you just quit it? Are you getting weary of you chosen career path or maybe leaving for work in the morning gives you a headache? Time for change! No idea what to change? That’s OK. Many people have been here. Instead of giving up, take the test, discover your talents and choose a job that will allow you to develop.


Gallup’s talents are recognized all over the world. More than 20 million people took the test during the last 20 years. You can post information on your talents on LinkedIn. Maybe it will help you get a new job?

When you want to start a business

Are you bored with permanent employment and want to start your own business, but you are not sure if you’ll succeed? Use your natural potential and start a company that will allow you to develop your talents. This will make your job easy and new responsibilities will give you satisfaction.

Did you know…

Studies completed by the Gallup Institute show that people who use their talents are six times more dedicated at work and three times more satisfied with their lives.

When your self-esteem is low

Have you believed for some time that you are no good for anything and everything you touch comes down crashing on your head? STOP! You have talent, even more than one. All you need to do is discover it. Take a test, raise your self-esteem and be more self-confident.

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When your family gets bigger

Have you just become a mom and you want to go back to professional work as soon as possible, but you do not know what to do to balance parental duties with a career? Or maybe you cannot imagine going back to work? You’re in for some tough decisions. Take time to make sensible choices. Instead of spending another day thinking of a good solution – go out and act.

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