Why is a positive attitude good for business?

By August 11, 2020 Business


According to the research done by Pentor RI, optimistic owners ensure that companies better equipped to deal with the changing economic situation. There are also other benefits of a positive business attitude. Find out why optimism at work is a good idea.

Better outlooks for success


A positive attitude towards work helps keep the business push steadily towards its goals, promoting tenacity. Greater determination in accomplishing the established goals brings you closer to your career objectives. And this increases your chances of succeeding!

Leading the industry


When you think positively, you are bold in your actions and are not afraid of new, innovative solutions or creative ideas. You put them into action and watch things happen. You don’t worry beforehand, even when projects are non-standard or outside-the-box. You believe that your solutions will turn out to be good and bring profit, and with that approach you are driving the industry forward. Good for you!

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Well-integrated team


It is a well known fact that optimism is contagious. Optimists surround themselves with similarly-natured people. This way they create a close-knit and loyal team. Employees, who approach their duties with a smile and a lot of enthusiasm, are more productive and foster company growth.

Did you know…


The Polish Public Opinion Research Centre (Centrum Badania Opinii Społecznej, CBOS) informs that the majority of Poles declare a positive life orientation and have optimistic outlook for the future. Importantly, people who declare themselves to be optimists, are mostly younger than 55 and have a good financial situation.

Brand promotion


A positive attitude towards work makes you more proactive. You’re happy to participate in trade activities, also the non-profit ones, and by doing so you promote your brand. You keep taking on new challenges and think the world is your oyster. This makes people like you. They are more likely to invite you to conferences, ask to give lectures or be a guest speaker at trade events. Keep up the good work!

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Better health


Positive attitude, not only in business, but also in your everyday life, makes you feel much better. You are in great mental shape, you feel good and are very energetic. You smile more often and this makes your brain excrete hormones called endorphins. They have a relaxing effect and reinforce your immune system. Nothing but benefits!

Did you know…

Optimists live longer. They are less likely to develop heart conditions, a stroke, diabetes or even cancer. Research at the Boston University School of Medicine, USA, confirms this. A positive attitude reduces stress, encourages a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, healthy diet and avoiding addictions. We recommend it!



Even if something goes wrong – you try to keep a stiff upper lip. You treat this as a lesson for the future and just go on. Failure don’t discourage you, which makes you a great role model for you employees. Everyone has the right to make mistakes – the important thing is how you approach yours and how they influence you career.

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