Why is it a better idea to book a coworking space than an office?

October 22 2019

Why is it a better idea to book a coworking space than an office?

Every year, more and more coworking spaces appear. In Poland, there is over 100,000 square meters of coworking spaces. Traditional offices are still more numerous, but it may change soon. A coworking space definitely offers more advantages than an office. You can make a booking for a short-term. However, it is not the only advantage of coworking. Find out the biggest ones.

Advantages of coworking: flexibility

Starting your career as entrepreneur is not easy. Not only because of multiple formalities, but most of all due to the lack of experience. While setting up a business, you can’t tell if your idea and undertaking turn out successful. So, it’s better to rent a desk in a coworking space, which you can easily resign from, than to be bound by a year-long contract with an administrator of an office in the city center. Coworking gives you a lot of space-renting possibilities, depending on your needs.

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Advantages of coworking: no worries

In a coworking space you don’t need to worry about bills. Water, electricity, internet – who would remember about all of this? Monthly meter reading? You surely have more important things on your mind. Employees of the coworking space will make sure that you don’t have to think about bills and that you focus on your tasks.

Advantages of coworking: no inspections

When registering your office at your house, you can be inspected by the tax office. Proving an official that you carry out business at your house can be stressful. Are you adequately prepared for that? Coworking allows you to buy virtual office service. A controller will inspect the coworking space and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Advantages of coworking: cost optimization

Renting an office can be expensive, especially today, when real estate prices keep soaring. Apart from a compensation fee, you need to pay rent as well as electricity, water and internet bills. Coworking effectively minimizes rental costs. If you can save some money, why wouldn’t you take that opportunity?

‘Young entrepreneurs often don’t realize the costs associated with renting an office. Although we only work at an office, we need to pay the fees for repair and renovation reserves, attend cooperative meetings and pay for municipal services. Summing up all of the costs, it turns out that we can save a lot of money by deciding on coworking’ says Rafał Wilk, Solutions.Rent COO.

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Advantages of coworking: experience-sharing

In a standard office you see the same faces everyday. In coworking, you can share experiences. There are a lot of freelancers, young entrepreneurs from various sectors, as well as experienced businesspeople in a coworking space. Maybe they will help you spread your wings?

Advantages of coworking: motivation

Working from home? You surely know how difficult it is to stay motivated. Always something more important than work pops up. It often turns out that you spend your whole day fulfilling business-related tasks. In a coworking space you are motivated to complete your tasks and, as a result, you leave the office after 8 hours. Your work-life balance is maintained.

Advantages of coworking: fresh coffee

When you rent a desk in a coworking space, you don’t have to buy milk every morning, order coffee in a nearby coffee shop or remember about booking cleaning service. They say that the devil is in the details. In coworking, a freshly ground coffee – unlimited and available all the time – is included in your rental price. No need to clean sounds appealing as well.

Advantages of coworking: large area available in the rental price

You only rent a desk in a coworking space? Don’t let this mislead you – in this case, “a desk” is a huge understatement. Apart from a desk, you can use shared rooms and spaces (dining area, phone booths); you have access to high end office equipment, fast internet, freshly ground coffee, as well as water and tea and you can work 24/7. Virtually the entire coworking space (locked offices excluded) is available to you.

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