What questions should you ask a candidate during an interview?

February 21 2020

What questions should you ask a candidate during an interview?

Are you a business owner wanting to hire new employees? Recruitment is not one of your strengths, but you would like the process to be effective. Check what questions to ask during an interview in order to select the best candidate.

– Contrary to what you may think, a recruiter also prepares to an interview. If you specify who you are looking for, you will know how to navigate the conversation. Create a picture of an ideal employee. What skills do they need for a given position? What characteristic features should they have? This psychological portrait of an ideal employee will help you select the appropriate person – says Rafał Wilk, COO at Solutions.Rent.

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Why did you leave your previous company?

A question about the previous workplace will perfectly check if the candidate is loyal. If the candidate makes critical comments about their previous boss, complains about communication or organization, you should seriously consider if hiring them is a good idea. Pay attention also to how often the candidate changes jobs. Having several positions within one year does not bode well for the future. Onboarding and training a person who is going to leave in several months is a waste of time.

Good answer: Answers such as “a new job gives better growth opportunities” or “the change resulted from the reorganization of the company” are appropriate.

What are your plans for the future?

This question is asked in every interview but in different forms. Where do you see yourself in five years? What career path would you like to take in our company? All these question have the same aim. They check if the candidate connects their career with your brand. By this you will learn the employee’s motivation, plans for future education and gaining new qualifications.

Good answer: Plans embedded in the context your company, career aims or a specific education plan are good plans for the future.

Why do you want to work at our company?

With this question you will check what the candidate knows about the company and whether they are taking part in the recruitment, because they really wish to work at you company or your are just another enterprise in the job changing process. Try to establish to what extent the candidate cares about the position and whether they are honest.

Good answer: Mentioning at least two logical benefits of working at your company means that the person is interested in this position. If the future employee is not sure of their answer or mentions financial aspects – consider whether you would like them to join the team.

What would you do if cats could fly?

Creative questions surprise candidates during interviews and allow to check their skills that might be useful at work. Some of them include creativity, communication skills, working under time pressure and stress, as well as distance and sense of humor. The first reaction to such a question will allow you to better know the person sitting in front of you. If you don’t like cats you may ask a different question, e.g. how much does the Trojan horse weight, why do dogs have tails, how can you use a straw at work, how to explain a child who a recruiter is?

Good answer: In this case every answer is good. It doesn’t matter what the candidate says. It is important that they do it naturally and with a smile.

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Why should we hire you?

This questions perfectly checks the character and disposition of the recruited person. If the candidate is self-confident, they will mention several reasons without hesitation. Now it’s your turn. Think whether the future employee’s character matches the team and if you really would enjoy working with such a person.

Good answer: In this case a good answer should be quick and fluent. The candidate should mention their strengths, qualifications and experience.

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