Six marketing terms to know if you want to show off in front of your friends

December 10 2021

Six marketing terms to know if you want to show off in front of your friends

With marketing, much like with medicine and football, everyone’s an expert. How to stay on top and listen to self-proclaimed marketing mavens with a straight face? How to drive them crazy by dropping a professional term here and there? Read, repeat and remember.

Visual commerce

Briefly: visual content to enhance customer experience. We all know that we buy with our eyes. Before the pandemic it was normal to touch, smell or try an item on at brick and mortar stores. Since we have started buying things mostly online, we rely primarily on our sight and hearing. Photos, videos, graphic design and written descriptions are the key drivers behind our purchasing decisions. Didn’t bother to put some effort into good visual content? No sale for you. No high quality product photo at the e-store? You’ll just take your money elsewhere. All visual presentation elements must be carefully prepared and consistent. Otherwise it is going to fail. 

UGC (User-Generated Content)

It’s nothing else but content created by the users and shared over social media. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok – these are all universes filled with various content by the average Joes. This means almost all inhabitants of the digital world. Yes, this includes your content, if you so much as share the pictures of your cat twice a year with your three Facebook friends.

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Social listening

This means careful monitoring of the industry, competition and customer in social media. Why bother? Ask any of your nosy neighbors. Brands need to know what people say, write and share about them (as well as their competitors). On the other hand, customers, consumers and subscribers tend to be more forgiving towards a company, if they know that the company listens and reacts to their feedback. There is a documented case where mobile operator dealt with a malfunction before it was even reported via the official channels. The number of angry messages on the company’s messenger made it clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that frustrated users would start a giant fire in front of a certain office building in Warsaw.



In other words – trading over the Internet. Important notice: the term itself is very extensive, so by no means try to pretend to be an expert. Just remember that: 

71% of Poles, when shopping for items other than groceries, decided to forgo actually going to the store and bought things they needed over the Internet.” (source: KPMG)

Why? It is going to be like that from now on. Your audience will be impressed by your knowledge of hard data and they will think that if you can drop such a significant number just like that, you must know your e-commerce like no other. You can also nonchalantly add that “34% of Poles started buying online things that they’d have never purchased over the Internet before.” Voilla!

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Means a clever invention, which answers the frequently asked questions of customers in a text form (for instance on a store’s website), assists in processing returns or complaints and may also update you on the progress of your order. You can show off by mentioning a voicebot that actually does the same thing… but by the use of voice.



To put a long story short: marketing activities conducted with the use of all access channels. All channels, primarily social media. An omnipresent brand is much more likely to attract customers. That is why you kind of half expect to see Barbara Kurdej-Szatan popping up on a white and purple background just out of anywhere. Although… maybe it is not the best example. 

Voice searching


This requires no explanation. This may sound quite innocent, but it’s worth your attention, because this trend will stay with us for some time. Ivona, Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant have been listening to our wishes for some time, sometimes even giving us a nice chat. You can undoubtedly shine if you can quote the following from memory: “27% of Internet users use the voice search option in their devices.” You can also make a pretty safe forecast that its popularity will grow in the near future. Hands-free Internet use is so tempting that e-stores are sure to implement it soon enough. And then you will be a famous visionary.

These are, of course, just a handful of all the nigh on limitless vocabulary of marketing terms. However, if you want your friends (and strangers too) to think you really know your stuff, these should be enough. Good luck!

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