How to creatively use time when commuting?

December 20 2021

How to creatively use time when commuting?

Getting to the office in Warsaw often takes plenty of time. What to do then? Taking a nap in public transportation is not a bad choice, however, we can use the time in a better and more efficient way. Check out our ideas and make them work! 

Learning a foreign language 

Whose aim is to polish their English next year? Or maybe you dream of getting familiar with Spanish? There is not enough time though, as you have your job, family, commitments… We know that!

Fortunately there are lots of educational materials in the Internet, so maybe it will become your new morning routine? Find online courses or apps most fitting to you and learn a foreign language when commuting. You will get to know vocabulary or practice grammar rules in a fast and easy way. 

You think that 15 minutes a day is not enough? If we bear in mind that in 2021 we have worked around 250 days, it will make almost 63 hours of learning in total. The key to success is consistence. And how often do you commute longer than a quarter of an hour?  

Reading books or listening to audiobooks 

The situation with books is similar to that of foreign languages. Let’s admit it: we find it easier to use a phone than read a book. How about taking up a new habit? Get into the swing of a fascinating criminal story, burst out crying of emotions following a romance novel plot or reach out for a self-development guide. 

Books and audiobooks are not only about chilling out – they also bring some education, inspiration, expanding your vocabulary and greater sensitivity. Grab a book that has lain on a shelf for a long time, take some headphones and an audiobook or get yourself a reader. Maybe you will take up the challenge of one book a month?

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What do we need when getting ready for work? Undoubtedly some peace, quietening down and concentration. Meditation can help us with that. Thanks to it, we will attune positively and get rid of overthinking. 

You can meditate everywhere, not only in a completely quiet and peaceful place. Even a short practice on the bus will help you cool down, focus and get ready mentally for a working day. 

How to get started? These two methods will change your mornings! 

  • Switch on a meditation app or a YouTube video and simply follow the tips. You can find sessions with any goal and for any length of time. What do you need the most today? Concentration or a moment of relaxation? 
  • If you are not fond of guided meditations, try brushing your thoughts off and completely focus on what is going on around you. Answer the questions: What can you smell? What sounds can you hear? Be here and now. 

What if the standard meditation does not appeal to you? Try doing exercises with intuitive writing. Simply open a notebook in your phone and write down everything that comes to your mind. It does not have to be anything specific. Stray sentences and words are also ok! Writing it down will help you enter the office with your mind ready for the tasks to come. 

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Plan your day 

Have you ever come up with a great idea just before going to bed or in the shower? Not without a reason! Your creativity releases when you are wound down.

Planning and organizing do not seem creative tasks, but undoubtedly will help you be creative later. Writing down your obligations, tasks and meetings will take the burden of remembering about them off of you and your mind will be able to focus on pending tasks.

Our recipe for perfect organization: 

  • Divide tasks into business and private ones and itemize them in subpoints depending on their priority.
  • Plan big tasks for a whole day. Remember not to take on too much. 
  • Plan time for yourself and for relaxation. It is also a crucial aspect! 

As you see, you can spend time in various ways. Can 15 or 30 minutes be enough for some relaxation, concentration, inspiration or maybe even learning a few words? Search, check out and choose something that you feel like doing. 

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