5 Spotify playlists perfect for work

November 26 2021

5 Spotify playlists perfect for work

For some people, music is an inseparable element of every day at work, for others – a redundant disturbance. Just as is the case with music tastes, it is a pretty personal issue. According to the rule of “there’s no accounting for taste”, we have come up with 5 different Spotify playlists perfect for work. Check it out!

According to a Spotify survey conducted in 2014, 61% of respondents confirmed that they are happy and more efficient when listening to music at work. We can assume that due to the current transitions in working modes, the tendency has increased or is still increasing. So if you are looking for something new, having been bored with your existing playlist collection, or just today you feel like a small change – get to know our favorites!

“lo-fi bits”

The collection will introduce you to sonic nostalgia. You will chill out listening to jazz retro mixes and experience a real time travel. And all of it thanks to neatly arranged elements, such as vinyl cracking, tape humming in the background or amateur, frequently pretty irrational, recording errors. The genre will prove perfect as a background for concentration demanding tasks, where music pieces with lyrics and stronger sounding could make mental work more difficult.

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“Music for work” 

Looks like a day full of monotonous activities? We recommend a collection of light radio pieces with a melancholic vibe. They will accompany you unintrusively for as long as 6 hours. Thanks to a hundred diverse music offers, everybody will find something interesting. If a song does not appeal to you, you can freely fast forward! 

“Nature Sounds”

This is a perfect option for people yearning to spend time surrounded by nature. Soft sounds of wind, wave humming or rain bouncing against concrete can effectively soothe our thoughts. Our brain will accept the sounds with time and will get used to them, thanks to which your productivity will grow and the number of tasks to do will drop. It is also a great alternative to the current weather outside the window – thanks to the nature sounds you will decide what kind of weather there is for you.  

“Faster, higher, stronger”

This playlist just asks for humming and waggling with a leg according to the rhythm. So if you need motivation to get to work or there are household chores waiting for you, this is really it! A blend of pop and electro summer hits is waiting for you. And if you plan some gym workout after work, choose random playback and discover a brand new version of the composition. Choose “Polish Summer” as an alternative with Polish hits. 

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“Walk Like a Badass”

Las but not least – heavier sounds with a rock flavor. For those who instead of soothing redundant thoughts, prefer drowning them out in banging music! In the last chart you will find older classics and new pieces that are trending now. It beseems both to stamp your foot and reply to a client’s e-mail. But before you send it, make sure that during a rhythmic tapping in the keyboard a typo has not crept in! 

Choosing the right playlist is no mean feat. Remember – the fact that we like a certain type of music does not mean it will help us during work. That’s why it is worth testing various options to see which one is the best for you. Enjoy your listening!

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