Eight YouTube channels worth following

August 25 2020

Eight YouTube channels worth following

YouTube is not only a platform that hosts music or funny videos. It is also a great source of knowledge for those seeking development or people running their own businesses. Managers and international project coordinators will also find useful information here. Which channels are worth watching? Check out our subjective review of some of the most interesting ones.


CEO and founder of the Vayner Media advertising agency, Gary Vaynerchuk runs a YouTube channel called GaryVee. You will find many business tips here, as well as your daily motivation dose. Gary hosts #ShowAskGaryVeeShow covering, among others, marketing topics, and DailyVee – a series of documentaries revealing how users act in the virtual world. Definitely worth watching.

Robin Sharma

This global YouTuber is one of the best-known speakers on start-ups. He is also valued for motivating others to take action and sharing his insights. His books have been listed as global bestsellers and his videos are watched by over 15 million people. Now you know why a subscription to this channel is worth your time.

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Behind the Brand

“Behind the Brand” is the most popular YouTube channel featuring success stories. Brayan Elliost already hosted Seth Godin, Tony Hawk, Tony Robbins and Bethany Hamilton. In each episode, the invited guest tells about his path to achieving goals. Make sure not to miss out on their experiences. And their practical advice will surely help your business grow.

Harvard Business Review

This channel has a treasure trove of lectures, discussions and webinars especially for you. If you are looking for practical tips or information on surveys or business trends, you will like this one. These videos mainly cover sales, marketing and personal effectiveness. You will also find tips on career planning and strategy but also on negotiations, management or work-life balance.

Tedx Talks

Tedx is an international organization staging conferences, promoting local ideas, which they are promoting globally through their YouTube channel. The Tedx Talks channel is a rich collection of speeches by speakers from the farthest corners of the world. You will be surprised by the diversity of topics, perspectives and views. Worth watching regularly.

Michal Sadowski

Michał Sadowski is the most popular Polish start-up YouTuber. Founder of Brand24 – a web monitoring tool celebrating worldwide success. On his channel, he advises business people, talks to celebrities from the world of marketing and shares useful tips, including on optimizing work at companies.

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Jacek Kłosiński

On his YouTube channel Jacek Kłosiński wants above all to help you develop your own company. He inspires, gives advice and recommends tools useful for running your own business. As he says, the best way to have a cool job is to run one’s own business. On this channel, you will find videos on productivity and time management, marketing and building your personal brand.


Got your own website? Then this channel is just the thing for you. Tips on how to align your website to the latest trends, how to optimize and increase visibility or run an AdWords campaign. Valuable tips and answers to bothering questions will help you run your Internet business effectively.

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