Are you looking for an office space for rent? Focus on this!

March 5 2019

Are you looking for an office space for rent? Focus on this!

Are you looking for an office space for rent in Warsaw? You have a difficult task. You have to take into consideration the costs, equipment, but also architectonic standards. Of course, no one wants to work in a grey and negative space. The vision of searching terrifies you? Easy. There are many office buildings in Warsaw so you’ll surely find something fitting your needs. Just remember to focus on a few important details before renting out an office space.

B as in Building

When searching for an office space take a close look at the building. In Warsaw we usually divide office buildings into modern ones and those having an “atmosphere”, which often constitute renovated tenement houses with a lot of history. What’s more suitable for you?

The building’s façade is significant in terms of prestige. If you’ll decide for an office space which is accordant with the character of your business you are going to earn a lot in the eyes of your clients. Remember that they visit your office most often and the saying “fine feathers make fine birds” had to start somewhere.

Take a close look at the coworking space. It is a well known fact that it’s better to work in an office arranged in accordance with trends and motivating to act. See what the standards of an office building for rent are. Comfortable chairs, a large kitchen, conference or training room – small things but they really make each day more convenient. Ergonomic solutions guarantee a high comfort of work.

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A as in availability

Many coworkings in Warsaw offer the option to take advantage of the office 24/7. If together with your team you carry out international projects then this should be a standard for you. Clients often require being online at various times during the day and night and you surely have people on your team who prefer to get up early as well as those who have to get a good night’s rest before starting work. Also, don’t forget about those who want to catch up on work during the weekend. You see that a 24/7 office is a must nowadays.

I as in Internet

Statistics can’t be fooled. Today the most rapidly developing industry consists in new technologies and most companies (also your clients) are active on the Internet. So no wonder that quick and efficient communication is important for them. Before you select a facility take a look at the Internet lines. What’s the speed and will it guarantee you efficient work? Take care of the good relations with clients and a non-stressful atmosphere at work. The Internet has to be fast.

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L as in location

The location of the coworking space is important, especially if business meetings take place often in your industry. Are the clients visiting you often? Take care so that the surrounding is prestigious and communication is convenient. Focus on the distance from an airport, train station, and the closest bus stop. Also, consider your team. An office building for rent near a market, café, or pub is a great idea. It’s always possible to go out for lunch, coffee, or to a store when the office runs out of something.

P as in parking

Are you traveling to work by car? You know that finding a parking spot is almost virtually impossible. You choose public transportation? Think about the clients and coworkers who will have to find a parking spot, parking meter, and… pay for the stay when coming for a meeting. At rush hours this may not only be difficult but also stressful. And there is nothing worse than a bad start to a day or business meeting. Before you rent an office in Warsaw, be sure to ask about parking spaces for employees.

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