How successful people work?

March 5 2019

How successful people work?

They are perfectly prepared for each meeting, the results of their work are surprising, and the clients can’t speak highly enough about them. They always come smiling to work and leave it in an equally good mood. You have no idea how they do it? Check out what principles the people of success follow.

Waking up at the crack of dawn

Most successful people believe that time is money. No wonder they don’t want to lose any. They get up before the alarm clock and do their best to take advantage of the time before they start work. You don’t believe it? Laura Vanderkam, author of the “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” writes that 90% of company managers get up before 6 in the morning, or even earlier.

Productive mornings

As Laura Vanderkam writes in her book: “When you change your mornings you change your entire life”. Quietness and serenity are the best conditions for handling the most important projects. A fresh mind allows finding solutions which yesterday in the evening seemed to be impossible. New energy helps in dealing with tasks postponed for later or to have a creative approach to a project. For most successful people, mornings constitute the best part of the day. The phone is quiet and coworkers don’t bother them. Perfect work conditions.

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Plan for today

Managers plan their time precisely. Thanks to this they are able to set their priorities and execute tasks which bring them closer to executing goals. Kevin Kruse in his book titled “15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management” advises to schedule time needed for specific activities in a calendar, for example 2PM-2:30PM – dinner, 3PM-4PM – invoicing, 6PM – supper with the family. Such a precise plan lowers the level of stress and motivates to execute all planned tasks.

The 80/20 rule

Many successful people follow the 80/20 rule according to which 20% of work results in 80% of the results. Going a step further, 20% of clients provide 80% of income and only 20% of products guarantee 80% profit. Knowing which tasks will give the best results, managers focus precisely on them

100% commitment

Successful people completely commit to a project. If they have a task which has to be done, they focus on it and only on it. At work they don’t use a private e-mail address, don’t plan meetings with friends, and don’t look at funny YouTube videos. This allows them to work efficiently.

Holiday break

People on high positions or businessmen work at their full capacity and know perfectly well that excessive intellectual effort deserves a break. That is why during the day you can see them taking a walk, having coffee or lunch with their friends. They understand that regeneration is a must.

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A healthy approach to money

Successful people often don’t work for the money. They want to do something for the idea, executing plans or intentions. They perceive money as a resource which will allow them to reach the goal faster. They know that bills don’t have any real value in them. The value consists in what can be achieved thanks to them.


People on high positions are aware of their value but do not overestimate it. They are aware of the fact that they are not all-knowing and that their time is limited. That is why they don’t work alone. They appreciate specialists and surround themselves with them. They wisely select the team and coworkers. They commission tasks and focus on what they can do best. That is also why they are assertive and often say “no”. After all, engaging in something which will not give results is only going to draw them away from their goal.

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