Business trends for 2019

March 4 2019

Business trends for 2019

According to IBM’s research, technological innovations became a standard element of business development and competitiveness. Communication with clients and customer experience become more and more significant. What trends will be dominating in terms of business in 2019?

Big Data

Currently such a vast amount of data is being produced that it is necessary to possess IT systems capable of processing it and limiting the number of human-made mistakes to the very minimum. Quantum computers operating on the base of qubits (the smallest quantum unit) and able to solve problems significantly faster than traditional computers, have been created to meet that demand. According to an analysis made by Gartner, today only 1% of organizations invest their resources in quantum computing projects, but the number should rise up to even 20% until the year 2023.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Modern technologies will be implemented even in medium size and small enterprises. AI foresees the needs of clients, optimizes production, and increases the efficiency of business processes. In 2019 AI will be used to help programmers, analysts, and database administrators. It is estimated that within a few years these processes will be completely automated. Researches carried out by IBM show that 80% of Poles would like to see more uses of artificial intelligence within the next three years. Today only 23% of people can account for possessing experience with that technology.

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Machine learning

Machine learning constitutes an intelligent system which learns new algorithms and quickly finds a solution to a given problem. This system memorizes methods of handling tasks and becomes more and more efficient. This consequence of AI’s development is used today by many manufacturing companies which use automatic machines.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The Augmented Reality trend is still strongly popularized by Google, Apple, or Facebook. It is most often used for navigation (Street View), games, or virtual shopping. It also slowly enters into medicine and entertainment. People more and more willingly take advantage of new technologies.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT stands for all smart devices used in every-day life: houses, cars, offices. More and more items used for work are automated and people use them more willingly. That is why 2019 will be strongly associated with the Internet of Things.

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Mobile first

4G Internet speed is no longer sufficient when it comes to business. Soon the 5G network will be available on the market and is going to be 10 times faster than 4G. Clients expect immediate, fast, and efficient solutions. They spend more and more time on their smartphones and that is why business develops precisely in this direction. If Google focuses on mobility then it is estimated that companies and enterprises will do precisely the same in 2019.

Alternative financing

The significance of diverse crowdfounding forms is growing. Today start-ups, as well as small and medium enterprises may acquire finances not only from banks. There are cases when a project is executed with the financing being provided by Internet users. Everything points to the conclusion that such actions will be strongly developed in 2019.

Corporate social responsibility

Businessmen more and more strongly engage in social actions. Small, medium, as well as large companies willingly support projects which are related to ecology, culture, or the development of business. Thanks to them, natural environment and initiatives which would never have a chance to be executed, gain the advantage. The brand also benefits because it is perceived more positively by the clients.

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