Podcasts for people on the road towards development

May 28 2020

Podcasts for people on the road towards development

Podcasts have become trendy. For many, they replaced the once favorite music charts. This comes as no surprise. You can take them with you anywhere, they do not absorb your entire attention and listening to them brings measurable benefits. If you want your career to gain momentum, regular listening to podcasts is a must have. Don’t know which podcasts deserve your attention? Check out our playlist!

Zarabiam w biznesie (Profitable business)

Over 20 minutes, Adam Grzesik will give you the best business tricks. How to win customers, manage your business or finances, build a team? His recordings are spot-on, energetic and simply interesting. The knowledge he shares is based on expertise in different industries. This cheat sheet for running your company effectively will surely come in handy.

Pani Swojego Czasu (Mistress of her time)

For years Ola Budzyńska has been teaching about how to manage one’s own time. She discusses earning online, running a business and industry news. Also the backstage behind work, life, earning. No taboo, no secrets. You will love this podcast for its sincerity, sense of humor and self-distance.

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Fajnie na swoim (Doing fine on your own)

Jacek Kłosiński tells you how to start and run your own business while feeling like you have a really cool job. He argues that even on your own, you can earn quite well, while doing things you like and enjoying a lot of freedom. Need an inspiration to make changes in your life? This is exactly what you need.

Klientomania (Customer Mania)

How to approach your customers in a smart way? Maciej Buś answers this question in his Customer Mania podcast. He believes that customer service is an art of its own. His comments on what is happening between a brand and their customers will help you act effectively. Interesting discussions with experts provide insights into business relations from a different perspective.

Mała Wielka Firma (A Small Great Business)

A podcast for entrepreneurs focused on growing their own business. Marek Jankowski gives advice on agile and effective operations in the market, marketing and sales. Every week he shares tips & tricks to help you build your brand and develop your business. This podcast’s author has been running a company since 2004, and the broadcasts are based on his own experience.

Menedżer PLUS (Manager PLUS)

Mariusz Chrapko talks about managing a business and yourself at the same time. What can you learn? Everything from how to become a leader and provide meaningful feedback, through motivating your employees to sleep hygiene. Carefully paced and calm, but very interesting. Worth checking out.

To się opłaca (It pays off)

According to Agnieszka Skupieńska, who has been a freelancer for 7 years, freelance life really pays off. Her podcast is all about working from home. Do you want to transform your career, are you a freelancer, or just looking for a side hustle to earn some extra money? If so, this podcast needs to be on your to-do list.

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Tuż przy Uchu (Right next to your ear)

Katarzyna Bieleniewicz invites here guests to discuss advice on how to live well. This podcast has a lot to offer in terms of learning new things, including how to be effective, organize your time, plan your career or become successful. Her discussions follow their own pace. If you are a creative and enterprising person, you’ve just found the right thing for you.

Imponderabilia (Imponderables)

Karol Paciorek’s Imponderables podcast is a collection of interviews commenting on interesting developments in Poland. Everything what the society and the world of culture is after. No business here, but rather smart talks. In your free time, with your afternoon coffee, when you’re looking to chill. Just listen to it.

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