8 Instagram profiles worth following

June 4 2020

8 Instagram profiles worth following

Do you spend at least an hour every day scrolling through Instagram? Do you view numerous profiles, watch Insta Stories and feel as if time were slipping through your fingers? There is a solution. Instead of following your friends’ stories, watch business accounts – they will help with your professional development. What kind of accounts? We have several suggestions of interesting accounts for you.

– “Influencer marketing has been popular both in Poland and in other countries for several years now. We love to watch other people’s lives on Instagram. Especially if the pictures are pretty. Profiles of women have plenty of such pictures. After spending an hour scrolling through social media I feel guilty. I feel, however, that this time shouldn’t be considered wasted if we watch profiles that help us grow” says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Kasia Pszonicka

She is a Polish woman living in Emirates. Having established her own business and accumulated years of experience, she provides young entrepreneurs with advice on how to start your own business. How do I create a business plan, why long-term planning is important and is it a good idea to create your own brand during a crisis? The answers to these questions can be found on Kasia Pszonicka’s profile.


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Aga Skupieńska

Does freelancing pay off? Aga Skupieńska will easily convince you that is does. She will share several fun facts, recommend some books and invite you to a live feed. From her profile you will learn whether neuromarketing really works, why the “one problem at once” rule is important and what hourly earnings are considered a good salary.


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Kaśka Żbikowska

Kaśka (as she calls herself) can show you how to make money on being online as she loves digital marketing, edtech and design. She is a marketing strategist and she loves working with people who want to make a difference. When vising her profile, you will get tips on running an online business, learn about interesting books and podcasts and find out what the most common business myths are.


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Joanna Ceplin

How to create a strong online brand? How to communicate with clients? How to create engaging content? Joanna Ceplin knows the answers to these questions and can help you start a business from scratch. Her profile contains various tips, e.g. on operating in virtual world, and motivational quotes.


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Ewelina Mierzwińska

f you use coaching in your business, you will like this profile. She is the author of “Zacznij od dzisiaj” [Start Today] and shows overworked people how to make their lives easier. She provides a large dose of motivation, inspiration and advice on how to deal with and be yourself in business world.


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Marta Krasnodębska

In her day job, Marta Krasnodębska works with popular bloggers and authors. She helps them build their brands and online businesses. She pays special attention to making sure that the brand is well-suited to one’s lifestyle. Sounds difficult? Not according to her. On her profile you can find valuable tips for people running online businesses, e.g. she can tell you how to create and promote an e-book.


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Kamila Rowińska

On her Instagram, Kamila Rowińska reveals the secrets behind success. What to do to make a product or service sell well, what attitude should you have and what to do during a crisis? On this profile, you can read inspiring accounts of successful women.


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Alina Szklarska

DesignYourLife will inspire you every day. Topics that are interesting to Alina Szklarska include time management and personal development. By following this profile, you will also gain a positive attitude and tips on how to be healthy and be yourself in your personal and professional lives.


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