Is coworking cost-effective?

November 13 2018

Is coworking cost-effective?

Working as a freelancer has its advantages, but there are less glamorous sides too. Insufficient motivation, loneliness, shaky work-life balance. The emergence of coworking spaces is a response to these issues. Any freelancer can rent a desk there and enjoy work-friendly environment and the company of other creatives. Corporations have quickly adopted the model by renting space for the purpose of particular projects. So, is this practical at all? See for yourself!

Coworking vs. renting an office

Without a doubt, renting a regular office is more expensive than investing in coworking. Assuming you’re renting long-term (with a month to month termination notice), if you suddenly decide to relocate your business, you need to have funds secured for settling the rent during the transitional period.

Coworking is based on different premises. In most offices, you’re paying only for the current month, which leaves you a lot of room. As soon as you decide to no longer use the space, you just don’t pay for another month. The same goes for international corporations renting space for specific projects. Companies aren’t obliged to rent long-term, so they can cancel right after their work is finished.

Also, keep in mind that when renting a traditional office, all the extra bills such as electricity, water, Internet, security, cleaning, etc., are up to you. You don’t have to worry about any of these at a coworking office. And that’s not all. When you’re renting an office on your own, you have to equip it. You have to incur the cost of furniture and hardware, which are yet another things you don’t have to bother with at a coworking space.

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Coworking vs. home office

Working from home, you have to take into account all the fees related to maintaining the real estate. Apart from the regular bills (water, electricity, gas), you’re paying a tax (assuming you devote 10 sqm to your business operations, while the tax rate is 22 PLN/sqm) – you’ll pay 220 PLN a year just for that. Factor in professional equipment like a laptop, printer, xerox machine, chair, and the costs skyrocket.

Working remotely, you have plenty of distractions around. Even with no family, there’s always something to be done in your apartment. Doing the laundry, preparing lunch, doing the groceries… It’s often tough to focus on the job at hand.

Perfect for startups

If you’re in the early stages of getting your business off the ground, or you founded a startup, then coworking is just right for you. Before your operations pick up the pace and become noticed by the industry experts and clients, it may be a better idea to invest in coworking, instead of renting a regular office. Less risk means less stress.

Besides, joint space facilitates establishing new contacts. You may meet interesting individuals who’ll help you get a better footing or maybe even become your clients. Solutions.Rent is also keen on funding interesting projects. If they’ll see the potential in you, there’s a chance for partnership. Coworking offers multiple opportunities for growth.

Best corporate solution

Sometimes, you need space only for the duration of a project. In such instance, it’s best to choose coworking offering flexible renting with no need to commit long-term. That’s how we do things at Solutions.Rent. A corporation renting with us doesn’t have to worry about contracting a security or a cleaning company, or Internet provider either, because it’s all included.

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How much does it cost?

The cost of coworking is mostly affected by the location. A desk with drawers and infrastructure in a non-major city usually costs upwards of 300 PLN. However, the costs rises if you decide to add a parking spot, catering, or conference room. The fee can be settled once a month, on an hourly basis, or using the subscription model. The latter often offers attractive discounts.

Essentially, coworking is a joint business space allowing you to try out ideas and grow personally while minimizing the spendings. It’s also a huge relief for international corporations running projects in Poland. There’s no doubt that coworking is perfect for these situations.

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