7 amazing advantages of coworking

November 13 2018

7 amazing advantages of coworking

Coworking is a response to the dynamically changing job market. A growing number of individuals decide to register businesses and run micro companies, international corporations hire employees for particular projects, and the Polish freelancer market steadily increases its quality. New coworking offices crop up and enjoy significant interest. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, these are spaces for modern and creative people open to unconventional solutions. What are the greatest advantages of coworking?


The overall vibe at a coworking space is rather relaxed, however, most people’s goal there is to get the job done. That’s why it’s devoid of private phone calls, gossip, and silly jokes coming from two desks away. Everyone’s focused on their work so your ears aren’t strained too much.

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You can rent coworking space for a particular project. This makes major, international ventures way easier. You don’t have to hire security, cleaners, get an Internet provider, or catering. Once the project’s done, you can simply stop renting.

An individual can also rent a desk or an office long-term or according to one’s needs. You decide when you show up at the office.


cow provides a great opportunity to establish new contacts. Solutions.Rent is backed by an investor, who’s keen on supporting exciting ideas. It may be your startup that will pique their interest and receive financing. That’s not all, though. Working among other creatives may result in getting new commissions, projects, or other beneficial business relations that will come in handy in the future.


Let’s be clear about this – renting a desk is a strong motivator to leave the house. Since you’re paying for a spot at a coworking space, it would be a shame to waste it, right? That’s why you take a shower, eat breakfast, and leave for work. Admit it, things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly if you were doing your regular remote work. Do a quick recap in your head – how many times have you sat at your laptop in pyjamas until lunch?


When coworking, you focus more on getting the job done (less distractions), which helps you optimize the time spent at work, but also finances. You pay fixed rent and not worry about any extra bills or deadlines. This solutions surely is more affordable than renting an office downtown.

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Let’s be honest, mail sent to a major office building address helps you score professional points with clients, as opposed to having it sent to your home address. A downtown office creates new opportunities and builds respect among business partners.


Coworking spaces provide comfortable working conditions. Ergonomic chairs, fast Internet connection, professional office equipment, geared kitchen – this is usually the standard. Most spaces also offer a conference room, client meeting room, and a virtual office service, that is providing the address for registering your business. These conveniences are required by startup team members, freelances, and project teams alike.

Renting a desk at a coworking space has multiple advantages. According to research by GCUC, coworking increases engagement and motivation for work.

(84% of the surveyed), decreases loneliness (83% of the surveyed), and facilitates networking (82% of the surveyed). If you want to achieve better business results, expand your network of contacts, or simply trim down the cost of renting an office – consider coworking.

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