What’s the best coworking office in Warsaw?

November 13 2018

What’s the best coworking office in Warsaw?

The capital has been seeing an increase in new coworking centers. The extensive offer makes the decision rather difficult. Modern design with extravagant chairs, or classic open space with elegant work posts? Having trouble choosing the best coworking office in Warsaw? Get familiar with our tips.

First, the location

When looking for coworking space, strongly consider its location. If the office is supposed to boost your image, go for an address downtown. Prestigious location, meeting room, and reception desk will surely look professional and help you win respect from the clients. Are you keen on getting a business address? Search for a spot offering the virtual office service.

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Second, the space

Is your project team big, or just a couple of people? Are you ok with working in open space? These are some of the questions you need to answer before renting coworking space. Go ahead and visit the websites of offices flying on your radar.  Browsing a photo gallery should help you get the gist of the prevalent vibe and volume of space available. Listen, it’s important! After all, you and your team will be spending a considerable amount of time there.

Third, amenities

coworking office should be accessible 24/7. In the end, it’s up to people when and for how long they wish to work. Make sure the space provides fast Internet connection and check what other amenities it offers. A comfy chair, printer, xerox all mean a lot since you may be there for 8 hours a day. Appealing interior design, great coffee and kitchen appliances will make things more enjoyable. Keep them in mind as well.

Fourth, perks

See if the coworking center you’re interested in organizes any events, conferences, courses, or business dinners. Being a part of these meetings can benefit your business greatly. You may come across potential clients there, so it’s something you should definitely look into. Who knows, maybe one of your team members will even become a speaker?

Fifth, costs

Let’s be frank, the most important factor affecting the decision is the cost. Compare offers thoroughly. The cheapest aren’t usually the greatest. It’s not just about how much you pay for the desk, but also the accompanying services. Some coworking offices don’t include access to the conference room, printing, or scanning in the bundle. You may have to pay for every xeroxed page. Think it through!

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Get a trial run

Many coworking offices offer a trial day. You’ll have several hours to see if the working conditions and the overall vibe suit you. This is an excellent opportunity to meet other renters and get a feel for the place.

Many people will go for aesthetics when choosing a coworking office. Some like a modern space downtown, others will prefer a quirky townhouse little outside the city center. There’s enough coworking spaces for every taste. Regardless of whether you’re aiming at a Google-like place, or a cozy spot with artistic twist, keep in mind that this is going to be your team’s future work space , so you have to feel comfortable in it.

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