How to take care of your team?

March 18 2022

How to take care of your team?

If you are the boss, manager or director and you’re a people leader manager, then, apart form division of responsibilities, controlling deadlines and accepting leaves, your task is also to ensure a good atmosphere, solving conflicts and providing an individual approach towards each co-worker. This is especially important in the current situation. 

Immediate assistance

Psychological support

The recent circumstances related to Ukraine really put a burden on all of us. Mobilization to help, fear, anxiety and the support provided might have exerted a toll on us. If you’re managing a team, you should learn how they work, feel and if they need any additional support. 

What can you do in such a situation? 

  • Ensure professional psychological support. 
  • Organize a course, webinar or a meeting on dealing with stress and anxiety. 
  • Reassure the team that they can contact you in case of any problems. 
  • Offer a day off or remote work. 

These things do not require a huge amount of work, but may be very helpful. Showing interest and supporting your co-workers would be a kind and much needed gesture. 

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Long-term help

Ensure a good atmosphere among team members 

Work often becomes something a getaway from our daily life. At work, we can forget about our problems, ignore the news and focus on the tasks at hand. This is one of the techniques of dealing with stress. It should be emphasized that a good and pleasant atmosphere among team members makes it easier. 

When we meet people that we like, complete projects together, get along well with each other and work side by side at the office, work becomes a really pleasant place. 

As a team leader, you can secure these benefits for your team. Meet with your team members in a group and individually. Talk, check, and, if necessary, resolve conflicts. An unpleasant situation between two people may impact the entire team. Remember about that and take timely action. 

Appreciate, reward, engage 

A well-lead team is the key to the company’s success. What to do every day so that your co-workers know that their work has a purpose? Appreciate them! 

With a good word, reward, bonus and maybe an additional day off? If each employee has clear goals and tasks, and reliably fulfills their responsibilities, introducing into the team a good atmosphere and energy or just the opposite – peace – rewarding them is something obvious. 

Do not expect complete devotion, working overtime and completing numerous projects. Ask them about their energy and workload, adjust tasks to their specializations, nature and the strengths of a specific person. 

You can adjust each activity to your capabilities, demand and situation. Do not be afraid to step outside the box and be flexible. Listening to your team and acting in harmony with each other will secure even better outcomes!

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