I have a business, how can I help?

March 11 2022

I have a business, how can I help?

You do have a lot of great opportunities to help as a company. Of course the scale will depend on the funds, but you definitely don’t need much money to get involved in various activities to help. See how you can effectively help by using your business potential!

Financial help

The first, and the most obvious, form of help is financial assistance. Donating money to charity or other forms of aid can become a monthly expenditure.

Let your business clients know that you do that! Dedicate a set income percentage form every sold product or service to a particular charity. Or perhaps you can switch charities every month?

Remember to only get involved with registered, verified charities. Transparency is essential.

All hands on deck!

Financial support is important, but the time devoted is also valid. Along with your employees you can get involved in voluntary work. In the current circumstances even a single day is priceless.

Check what is going on in your area, or organize an event yourself, if you have the means. Encourage your team to help and offer support to anyone who wants to get involved.


Not everyone is working from the office and have their own set locations, but if that is the case, you can use the space to help. How?

By making it available to those in need. Depending on the situation it may be for example a remote work station.
Use your office space or your shop to store items from a collection. Invite your clients or other people to donate money or necessities which you will later give to the needy.

Support the team

In the times like these you mustn’t forget about yourself and your team. It is best to help long term while making sure your coworkers the get support they need. Showing understanding, psychological assistance or just a short conversation and empathic approach will help us all get through these difficult times.

Educate others and share only verified information

It is worth pointing out that we are more than ever susceptible to misinformation and fake news. That is why we should pay even more attention to the news and make sure we verify their credibility.

We can help by educating others (for example through social media). Write and talk about how to verify content, what to do when we spot fake news, and where to get actual, credible information. Thanks to such actions others will pay more attention to what they repost and thus will no longer stoke the fear, anxiety and panic among their friends and family.

Write posts and articles, share the content concerning such topics, invite your coworkers to the trainings or lectures about it. This an important matter and such skills will surely come in handy in the future.

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Grow your own company or career

It is not something directly affecting aid, but it is definitely important long term. If we make money, we employ more people, we develop our career path or our business and as a result we can help even more, for longer and on more platforms.

More profits mean more money to donate! More energy and time means greater potential for involvement in a voluntary work, and a stable salary and professional situation will help us deal with stress. All that will allow us to devote more care and attention to those who really need our support and help.

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