6 things that you must have on your desk 

March 28 2022

6 things that you must have on your desk 

A desk, a table or perhaps… a night stand when you work from your bed? Regardless of its form, a piece of counter is our point of task management. It will fit a computer, phone, a nice flower, a few coffee mugs… What is indispensable then to keep focused and not to get disturbed too often when working? Let’s check it out! 

Very, very big mug 

Let’s get started with a total classic. A big mug of hot coffee will save us in early mornings and afternoons right after lunch when we dream about a nap. We recommend a big one – we know that you may be in need of a lot of agitation, especially at the beginning of a week. What else can you drink in it? Water, obviously, to avoid headaches or tea when it rains outside and you spend all day on a meeting. 


This is definitely a non-standard accessory of a desk, though it does make sense. Why? A timer will come in handy when counting time, e.g. if you want to use the Pomodoro technique (25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of a break). You can say: but I’ve got a timer in my phone! That’s true but there is also Instagram there as well as Tik-Tok, Facebook, your favorite game and dozens of other apps that draw your attention. We recommend hiding your phone in a drawer and leaving the timer on the desk. 

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Wrist rests

If you spend many hours a day in front of the computer, it is good to provide yourself with solutions that will be convenient for your body. A comfortable armchair and a desk at the right height are fundamental, but it is also worth investing in wrist rests. This is a beneficial solution that will make everyday use of your computer much more comfortable. 

Highlighters, calendars and notebooks 

Obviously there are plenty of work and time organizing programs but paper always wins. Even if you don’t like the classical approach, have one notebook and a ballpen close at hand. It will come in handy, e.g. when you are talking on the phone and need to jot something down. Or draw flowers and patterns on a sheet of paper during a long phone call.

Headphones, chargers, cords 

Perhaps this is not a solution of the kind of how to have an esthetic desk but we assure you that it is very useful. A permanent place for all types of (laptop, phone) chargers, headphones and necessary cords (e.g. adapters) will make your everyday activities easier. Constant seeking and forgetting can be frustrating, especially when a battery is running out and a vital meeting is coming up…

When you work from home, find one box for all of those things. If you use a coworking space, keep all the necessary stuff in one compartment of your bag or a backpack. 

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A plant, a decoration, a photo in a frame 

In order to make you workplace less raw, you can customize it a bit. How to do it? E.g. take a photo of your family or a pet in a frame or a flower in a pot (remember to choose the least demanding ones!). 

If you work in a coworking space, choose your favorite mousepad or a colorful ballpen. You can also put some stickers onto your laptop or get yourself a fancy case. 

You can arrange every space to serve you well. Some people find decorations absolutely redundant but cannot imagine their everyday work without a space for documents and binders. Select the elements that suit you best and take them to your workplace, regardless if you work from home, a coworking space or your own office.

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