Five Time Management Apps

March 25 2020

Five Time Management Apps

“I forgot again”, “I didn’t have the time”, “I didn’t make it” – sounds familiar? Lack of time may be irritating, especially when your responsibilities are multiplying, but the day is not getting any longer. How to deal with that? Although there is no magic bullet, there are several apps that will help you manage your time. Worth giving a try?

Time Management Apps: Google Calendar

The list would be incomplete without an electronic version of the good old calendar. There are at least several advantages to the Google Calendar. It is free and available for everyone with a Gmail account. You may create an indefinite number of calendars and view them all at the same time. This way you will see the calendars of all your co-workers and know their working hours, scheduled meetings or trainings. Google’s tool will allow you to invite other persons to meetings and remind you of the planned activities.

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Time Management Apps: Offtime

This application will help you limit your time online. If you are currently working on an important project and do not whish to be disturbed – that’s the right thing for you. The app allows you to add contacts that may not text or call you at a given time. You may also disable all notifications or set an automatic response that will inform the persons trying to reach you that you are unavailable. Using Offtime will help you work effectively and show how much time you spend online and which applications attract your greatest attention.

Time Management Apps: TMetric/Clockify

Would you like to know how much time you or your employees spend on a given task? Use a tracking system. Your choices include TMetric or Clockify. Visualizing the time you spend on individual tasks will allow you to easily calculate its profitability. You will also learn which projects are the most time-consuming. At a glance you will check what your co-workers’ workday looks like.

Time Management Apps: Focus booster

Focus booster is based on the Pomodoro technique. First you draft a task list and then spend 25 minutes to complete each of them. Once done, you take a 5-minute break. After completing four tasks your break may extend to 15–30 minutes. Too much counting? No worries. The app has a timer indicating the work and rest time. Focus booster will help you concentrate solely on the task. You may forget about Facebook, Instagram and checking your e-mail box all the time.

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Time Management Apps: Rescue Time

This app, platform and browser plug-in you will show you how much time you are wasting. Detailed reports outlining the days and hours of your highest effectiveness will allow you to analyze your time and work style. Thanks to Rescue Time you can eliminate ineffectiveness. How? It’s simple – you block distracting websites, create alerts and… suddenly you are able to complete all your duties in an eight-hour workday.

Managing your time and the time of your employees surely increases the efficiency of your operations, improves the company’s work, but also increases profits. It might be useful to use at least one of these apps to work more effectively and gain more time.

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