Best ideas for the company’s incentive events

August 19 2019

Best ideas for the company’s incentive events

Incentive events are the first step towards establishing non-professional relations between employees. They improve atmosphere at work, motivate to take action and impact work efficiency. Employees often wait all year for this event (and not only because of free alcohol). How to ensure that an incentive event is a thrilling experience? We have a few ideas!

Ideas for the company’s incentive event: talent show

Your incentive budget is tight and there is no chance for additional funding? Use your team members’ skills. Arrange your company’s “Got talent” show. Surely many of your colleagues have something to boast about. Just do a short survey. Someone plays ukulele, creates handmade jewelry or maybe reached the top of Machu Picchu and wants to organize a slideshow? That’s great!

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We often hear from people who are wiling to host an event at a coworking space. The ideas are really varied. My favorite one is the company’s Oscars ceremony. It was such fun! Such events are not only great fun, but also reinforce relationships within the team,” says Marta Kamińska, from Solutions.Rent.

Ideas for the company’s incentive event: off-road

Crossing a river, graveling or maybe an extreme forest ride? Adrenaline hits the roof. Off-road will provide memorable emotions and a challenge as well. 4×4 vehicles are perfect for any weather conditions – no need to worry. If your team is young and adventurous, this is something for you. Exciting fun guaranteed.

Ideas for the company’s incentive event: theme party

Your team likes to have fun? Choose a theme party instead of the usual incentive trip. Casino Night, a trip down memory lane to the Polish People’s Republic or maybe become the new James Bond? Outfits straight from the silver screen will give you a completely different perspective on your employees. Remember, props are essential at a theme party. Dressing up is obligatory!

Ideas for the company’s incentive event: survival

This is will be no walk in the park. Far from the comforts of your cozy office, uncle Google and Phone a Friend lifeline. Your team must cooperate to survive. It’s one of the best ways to integrate team members who don’t know each other very well. Survival combines physical activity with logical thinking skills. Nothing but benefits.

Ideas for the company’s incentive event: contest

Remember summer camps? Contests, competition and lots of laugh. Why not go back to those years? Arrange the company’s contest. Tug-of-war, sack races, carrying an egg on a spoon. Divide your people into teams, choose the group leader and… wish them good luck! Agility-based and creative competitions arouse a spirit of rivalry among employees. After all, everyone wants to win, right?

Ideas for the company’s incentive event: cooking workshops

They say nothing connects people better than cooking together. Even those who don’t like to play chef and only open the fridge when starving will discover the cook in themselves. Participants select the topic for the workshop. Hot Spain, exotic Thailand or maybe spicy Mexico? This will be a real journey into the world of tastes!

Ideas for the company’s incentive event: SPA

Relax with the company? Why not. Who said that the team (apart from working together) cannot relax together as well? A SPA evening will nicely reduce stress and tiredness levels, cleanse the body and give some distance to everyday life. Everyone needs to take a break from their duties. So – thermal baths, sweat room, swimming pool or maybe a massage?

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Ideas for the company’s incentive event: escape room at the office

Mobile escape room that will visit your coworking office? Sounds good. Mobile escape rooms allow for adjusting the game to your business. A scenario adjusted to the gameplay venue allows for combining emotions woken up by the thrill of the escape with riddles developing interpersonal skills.

Ideas for the company’s incentive event: urban game

Want to see for yourself if your team knows the city well and can cooperate? Arrange an urban game for them. It’s a combination of an escape room with a sightseeing tour. In simple words – modern hare and hounds. Urban space plays the role of an enormous board and the team moving on it must achieve their goal. This develops communication and organizational skills, and reinforces relationships.

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