5 TikTok Profiles Worth Following

December 16 2022

5 TikTok Profiles Worth Following

TikTok is an app meant for entertainment. However, you can also find a lot of inspirational and educational content there. Are you wondering which profiles are worth following? Check out the following list.

– A multitude of educational, popular science or business content shows that there is a niche at TikTok for everyone – says Anna Ledwoń-Blacha, creative owner of More Bananas marketing agency.

Black Screen English

Today, English is a must have. Most people know and understand it at a basic level, but it is always a good idea to constantly practice and perfect it. One of the ways is following the Back Screen English account.

There are three different English sentences with gaps for you to fill out, against black background. Your job is to pick the right answer. Every option is also discussed by the teacher. They explain why a particular grammatical form fits the given sentence. Doing exercises, taking notes and focusing on it for even as little as one minute every day are great ways of refreshing and improving your knowledge.

Twardo o miękkim (Hard about Soft)

Experience, courses, schools you graduated are all very strong suits in your resume. However, you mustn’t forget your soft skills. Creativity, flexibility, team work or ease with public speaking are all pretty welcome competencies. Follow Twardo o miękkim and check out what else you can learn.

Kinga Kurcoń / Kuchenny kodeks (Kinga Kurcoń / Kitchen Codex)

With all the everyday chores, commute and cleaning up, it is often hard to make the time to prepare healthy and tasty meals. At Kinga’s profile you’ll find out that cooking doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. Dinners in fifteen minutes, delicious cakes, one-pot lunches are only some of the cooking ideas. An ideal proposition for those who are busy.

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Rekruterka radzi (Recruiter’s Tips)

Rekruterka radzi is a must see profile if you are thinking about switching jobs, or are a recruiter yourself. How to present yourself best at an interview? What questions to ask your future manager? What to include in your resume to be noticed? What mistakes to avoid? Many useful tips, served in a digestible format.

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Are you wondering why there is a shop’s TikTok in this list of educational profiles? It is a proposition for all those who run their own businesses or work in marketing. Rossman fits in with the current trends, uses interesting formats and it is not afraid of specific Gen Z sense of humor. Undoubtedly it is worth following as a source of inspiration and ideas.

These five propositions are a good starting point if you want to learn what TikTok is, and find subjects that interest you. After some time, the algorithm itself will suggest the content you may find interesting. You can also search for interesting topics using hashtags. All you have to do is to enter a keyword into the browser. Remember to watch it after hours – it can get you hooked!

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