Podcasts Worth Listening to in 2023

December 9 2022

Podcasts Worth Listening to in 2023

According to the study conducted by Tandem Media, the number of podcasts has increased seven times in the last three years. Their popularity skyrockets. The number of listeners grows, and so does the number of podcasters. What’s worth listening to? Here you’ll find a subjective list of the best podcasts that will help you preserve your work-life balance.

– A podcast is a great tool for sharing knowledge and excitement. Thanks to podcasts we educate ourselves, we have interesting conversations, but we can also build our brand image. Everything seems to indicate that this audio trend is not going to slow down in the coming year, and we can expect a true deluge of podcasts – says Anna Ledwoń-Blacha, creative owner of More Bananas marketing agency.

Z pasją o mocnych stronach (Passionate about Strong Suits)

Dominik Juszczyk, a certified Gallup coach, talks in his podcast about how to discover your talent, build your strong suits and use them in everyday life. Passionate about Strong Suits is a set of practical tips, tested tools and ideas how to use your strengths every day.

Lepiej teraz (Better Now)

Radosław Budnicki talks in his podcast about how to lead your life wisely. As he writes himself: “I share ideas and I help people think outside the box to promote creative attitudes to life and business.” There is a bit of positive psychology, latest internet technology, social media and online marketing news to be found.

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Tu Okuniewska (Okuniewska Speaking)

Joanna Okuniewska, in her characteristic, charismatic style, talks about life in universal terms. She is funny and uncompromising. Her podcasts are an ideal proposition to get away from here and now. In her own words, her podcast is: “all about personal drama and comedy. It is about constant starting over, thinking through the night and aurora borealis projector – an audio recording of my thoughts, when for twelve hours I stand chopping, slicing, frying and baking.”

Nagłowska na głos (Nagłowska Out Loud)

Conversations of Justyna Szyc-Nagłowska about personal growth, being a fulfilled person and living consciously. The invited guests share their experiences honestly and there are no taboo topics there. The conversations go straight to the point, make you think, and can surprise you sometimes.

Słuchowisko. Pogadajmy o życiu (Radio Play. Let’s Talk about Life)

They say her voice is the calmest on the Polish internet. Justyna Mazur and her talks about life can make any afternoon more enjoyable. The stories she tells are about both bright and dark sides of life. The podcaster herself says: “After years of downs, bad luck and all kinds of misfortune, I found the right perspective to look at the world, to make it more fun. I decided to share it with you.”

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Raport o stanie świata Dariusza Rosiaka (State of the World Report by Dariusz Rosiak)

If you are interested in what’s going on around the world – this podcast is for you. A healthy dose of the most important news delivered in a simple and digestible way. Often by the invited experts or journalists. This podcast will let you keep current.

Imponderabilia (Imponderables)

Karol Paciorek, known from Lekkostronniczy (SlightlyBiased), has long conversations with his guests. Topics? Form pop culture all the way to the world of science. It is honest, cultured and really interesting. Great to listen to while having your afternoon coffee.


Brutally honest, straight to the point, and without beating around the bush. They talk to the most interesting people of the world of culture, media or the internet. They often ask uncomfortable questions and they expect non-standard answers. This podcast can be really exciting.

Podcasts broaden the horizons, they provide knowledge about the world, but they are also a great way to get away from the mundane for a while. It’s no wonder that for years they’ve been keeping us company on our way to work, during a walk or when we travel. They help us develop, and they show us the bigger picture. It is really worth to listen to them.

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