Four Managers Worth Following in Social Media

December 23 2022

Four Managers Worth Following in Social Media

Managers, supervisors, chairpersons… no matter the industry, each of them can be a source of inspiration. Team management, new ideas implementation and company development – they’ve mastered it all. See who is worth following in social media.

– Many managers work from home office or at coworking sites rather than from an actual office. Remote team management follows its own rules, but it is entirely possible. Conference rooms, private offices or phone booths make everyday communication easier, they even allow for face to face meetings – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Sramana Mitra

Sramana is a founder of One Million by One Million – the world’s first and only global virtual business incubator and accelerator. Her LinkedIn profile is full of content and comments on management and finance sourcing. A lot of these concern start-ups. Thousands of successful entrepreneurs is an impressive result. She can be a great source of a fresh perspective, especially if you want knowledge supported by years of practical experience. Her profile can be found here.

Magdalena Pawłowska

Magdalena Pawłowska is an expert on online courses in Poland. She is an author of a best selling “Jedna kampania do wolności” (“One Campaign away form Freedom”). Her “Marketing MasterClass” podcast is addressed to those entrepreneurs who want to develop their businesses. She is happy to share her experience on her blog and in social media.

If you run a business and you want to start selling over the internet (especially if you provide courses and subscriptions), you should definitely follow Magda. What defines her are professional approach, top level knowledge and accessible form. You will learn more from the website.

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Reid Hoffman

What draws attention with Reid Hoffman is his “Master of Scale” podcast, where he interviews interesting guests on business related topics. The list includes, among others, Mark Zuckerberg – the CEO of Facebook. Whether you work for a corporation, you launch your own business or you dream about a start-up, you are sure to find a lot of inspiration in his podcast. These are real stories of real people, not just dry theory.

Reid also regularly publishes onLinkedIn. He has as many as 2,688,642 followers at the moment. It’s a clear sign you would do well to join them.

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Mariusz Kapusta

Does project management seem to be black magic to you? It doesn’t have to! Mariusz shares in his social media his 17-years of experience. His YouTube channel is definitely worth watching: Project management; – Mariusz Kapusta. Tools, audits, communication chaos and leadership are but a few topics discussed in his videos.

Being a good leader and managing processes in a company are no small tasks. You’ll need developed soft skills, the sense of responsibility and flexibility to be a good leader and a good manager. Luckily – all can be learned – one way to do it is to watch others, those with more experience.

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