5 Pro Tips to Make Your Public Appearances Even Better

February 3 2023

5 Pro Tips to Make Your Public Appearances Even Better

A mere thought of the next public appearance makes you shudder. You think up endless worst-case scenarios and only one thought dominates your mind: “Do I have to?”. Take it easy. Here are some tried and true tricks to help you better prepare for your appearance and make the stress go away.

– “Today, more and more professional presentations are given online. There are some rules, however, that apply both to face-to-face and online presentations. Relaxed body language, natural gesticulation, maintaining eye contact, neutral tone and, of course, self-confidence – all this will help with public appearances” says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Research your audience

Subject-matter preparation? Check. Presentation date? Check. Audience researched? Why – is it important? Yes, it is. Before you create your presentation – research your audience. Who will listen to your speech? What are their needs? What language do they use on a daily basis? The better you know your audience, the better you tailor your message to their needs.


A public speech should be based on a scenario. The beginning and the end are crucial, but it is also important for your story to follow logic and have clear cause-and-effect.

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Use storytelling techniques

The introduction to your speech will determine whether you catch the attention of your audience. If you do, try to keep it. How? By introducing storytelling elements. Remember that a screen presentation serves only as an aid to your speech. Do not cram too much content into your slides. Try using visual elements. Under no circumstances should you read from your presentation or your notes! Draw all the attention to yourself and use it well. The end of your speech will determine the impression your entire speech leaves with the audience, so think carefully what you want to say.

Focus on interactions

Do you know that the most important aspect of your public appearance is not your message, but the reaction of your audience? Anecdotes, real-life examples? It is not important how you catch the interest of your audience, but to do it effectively. Ask questions and encourage the audience to share their opinions, thoughts and beliefs. It will be sure to improve the reception of your presentation.

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Practice your speech

Do a dress rehearsal before your speech. Imagine yourself stand in front of an audience and… say (out loud!) all you have to say. You can do it in front of a mirror or another person. Record the entire speech on a recorder and then listen to yourself. Was everything like you wanted it to be? If you have a problem with pronouncing a word – exchange it for another. You are not sure if everything is OK? Practice makes perfect, so practice until you get it right.

Be yourself

Do not pretend. Don’t try too hard to be someone you are not. The audience will be more appreciative of a simple message based on your own experiences and emotions than of a modern business jargon. Your recipients must feel that you believe in what you are saying – that way you will earn their trust and they will be more willing to use your products or services.

Stage fright? Easy. It’s quite normal. Even the most experienced speakers feel not only excited, but also nervous before their speech. Is this a problem? Not necessarily. Stress can mobilize you and help you concentrate. Don’t let it overwhelm you – try to befriend it.

Good luck!

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